Friday 25 April 2014


Chief Babatunde Ishola Lasisi Omitowo
 [Otun Baale Orile Shomolu]

Eegun Adakeja
Masquerades are regarded as the beings from heaven and their presence does not only cleanse the land, it also banishes the evil spirits from taking over the entire community which they visit. The masquerade is a deity and a certain time of the year is set aside for its arrival and celebration. Masqueraders are known to be the ones welcoming the masquerades from heaven to the world and they are also behind giving them a good hosting as well as a successful departure. But before the arrival of
masquerades, a lot of preparation must have been put in place concerning eating and drinking because of the invited people who will join in the celebration. People normally come from far and near to attend the festival. Ifa priests are consulted and the instructions from the divination are followed and adhered to strictly. On the celebration's day the masqueraders and the acolytes are ready to escort their different masquerades out.
Other Eegun's
And these masquerades are already given names by which they are identified. Seeing the masquerades displaying is an interesting sight to behold and it is always filled with glamour and aesthetics. Some masquerades are good dancers and their clothes are very colorful. One important thing which the masquerade is good at is visiting people in their homes and praying for them. And people give out their money willingly to appreciate them. Masquerade is appeased with kolanut, Schnapps, a cockerel, bean cake and pap. And women are barred from entering the shrine of the masquerades.

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