Wednesday 20 April 2022

Forbes just released its annual World's Richest Men list

Top 10

1. 🇺🇲Elon Musk: $219b

2. 🇺🇲Jeff Bezos: $171b

3. 🇫🇷Bernard Arnault & family: $158b

4. 🇺🇲Bill Gates: $129 B

5. 🇺🇲Warren Buffett: $118b

6. 🇺🇲Larry Page: $111b

7. 🇺🇲Sergey Brin: $107b

8. 🇺🇲Larry Ellison: $106b

9. 🇺🇲Steve Ballmer: $91.4b

10. 🇮🇳Gautam Adani: $90.7b

Seven of the top 10 billionaires made their fortunes in technology, with Arnault, Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett, and Adani Group founder Gautam Adani the exceptions.

It's surprising that NOT a single African money ritualist made the list.

After killing human beings for money, it still doesn't produce Billions in dollars. What exactly is the point then?

Money ritual that cannot give you Billion dollars, what sort of senseless exercise is that? It is now clear that it doesn't work and ignorant people are just wasting innocent human beings in the name of money ritual.

Shame! Say no to money ritual. The real money is there in your head not in the blood of any human being. 

"Stop the killings! We should spread this message to our children, families and friends! This is the time to let everyone know that ONLY hard work pays."

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