Wednesday 27 April 2022

The Liberation Of Little Blue Birth By Musk

Twitter is the most difficult social media platform in the main league. I am on the 3rd trial before I gave up. First, this product does not allow you to build your points due to limited space. And when you try to break them, you create a mini thesis for the readers. Then, the worst part: inability to edit posts.

But Twitter has been getting away with those issues because it is the best ecosystem to break news. Unfortunately, many of us are not in the business of breaking news; we prefer to analyze broken ones! But help seems to be on the horizon. The little blue bird is flying to the generation’s finest innovator. People, this is the age of Mustter, a great fusion of Musk and Twitter. It promises to be amazing for the bird because Elon Musk wants to bring a liberation of “free speech”.

People, Musk is peerless but any promise of a censor-less digital ecosystem will not work.  It is a big irony: without moderation and censorship, many will lose their “freedom” to tweet. Why? On LinkedIn, if they do not have a blocking feature, I would have left. But with that blocking feature, I have put many people where they belong. They come to cause confusions and bully; we block them to have the “freedom” to discuss. I am not sure how Musk will solve that by taking Twitter private.

Of course, it does not matter when you have $250 billion in the personal balance sheet. At that level, even $44 billion could seem like a good game. 


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