Wednesday 3 November 2021


If Nigeria becomes a failed State, the blame rest  squarely on the Nigerian, elites, intellectuals, academicians and professionals who kept quiet in the face of bad governance.

Today you think  because you are a lawyer, a judge, a doctor, a professor, an engineer, an architect,  a  journalist, a surveyor, a pilot, an accountant,  a lecturer, a  pharmacist,  a businessman, an actor , a realtor, an economist, a banker, a manager etc it is okay for you to keep silent in the face of tyranny?

Today everything is going on well for you and your family. You can afford three square meal, you have a fat bank account (s), your children attends the best private schools, you live in your own house and have good investment in real estate, you have invested hugely in the  Capital and financial markets, you can afford vacations abroad, your children are gainfully employed, you have connections, you drive a big car and have three or more extra cars etc,  it is okay for you to sit on the fence, shut up your mouth and watch while the politicians violate the rule of law?

Let me tell you one naked truth today,   if you allow Nigeria fail because of your self centered, selfish  docile and gullible nature, you will suffer more than the poor, the down trodden and the rich politicians. Your portion in a failed Nigeria will be inter alia:

You will lose your fat bank accounts and investments  in the real, capital and financial markets . Have you ever imagined going to bank and it is shut down, no body to attend to you? Have you ever imagined trying your bank app and ATM and they are not working?

You will be unable travel out of Nigeria, whereas  Benin Republic, Cameron, Chad, Niger and other neighbouring countries will close their borders. There will be no international flights for you to escape even if you have valid visas while the rich politicians whom you aided and abated with  their families would have escaped through their already mapped out escape routes. Tell me of what use is an internal passport with multiple visas without an operational airport? You will remain in Nigeria with the poor and down trodden whom you despite and failed to defend.

You will be governed by the rule of man and not the rule of law which you refused to defend. By the rule of man, judges will bow to War Lords and address them as my Lord . War Lords will rule you and your lives will be short, brutish and nasty. In this state your wives and daughters  no matter how sophisticated or highly placed they may be will be raped front and back before  your very own eyes by street urchins, criminals and miscreants while you are made to referee the match. You and your son's will thank your stars that you are not sodomized and you will be grateful to God if you live to tell your pathetic story. All your personal worldly possessions which you tressure  and acquired at the expenses of standing up against bad governance will be taken from you by criminals and there will be no police to report to or court to prosecute the offenders.

You will suffer the consequences of poor or in the Afghanistan, of  essential public amenities. No water, electricity supply, social media, internet, D S TV, good road, medical services, transport system etc.  You will suffer scarcity of food and essential commodities like pharmaceutical products, toiletries, beverages, provisions etc. Just imagine your life without  Shoprite, Market Square, Penny mart etc.

You will be divested of all your human and fundamental rights which will be at the whims and caprises of men and not the rule of law which you failed to defend and uphold.

In all these,  the poor and down trodden will be far better than you because they are already down and need no fear no fall.

To avoid the  above  you must open your mouths , speak against bad governance , educate the youths  and the masses of  their rights and ask for a peoples constitution . Arise Nigerian intellectuals. Arise Nigerian academicians, Arise Nigerian elites and professionals to avoid the calamity and catastrophy that awaits you for your complaisance, connivance and conspiracy with the political class and their cohorts  in making Nigeria a shit hole and hellish.  If you doubt me you may  want to find out from your species in Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Central African Republic.

By Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo

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