Sunday 21 November 2021


Culture is Not Religion. Religion is Not Culture. Our Cultural objects were produced by people among us, endowed by God, with special creative skills. Such creations go to manifest our society's philosophies,  social life, economic systems, art, language, beliefs, forms of government and our cultural core values, during their life time. We need to embrace and Not discard, our cultural objects, as they are the representations of our real identity as a people. We must stop throwing away the baby of our culture with its bath water. No matter what else we claim to be, to wherever we may relocate, we can not be who we are Not and would only be constantly reminded about our falsity The current monetization and decadence of our societal values, is mostly the result of our long discard and lack of grooming in the Enviable Core Values embedded in  indigenous cultures. Begin to embrace our culture, groom our children to love, than discard our culture, for the good of our future as a people.

By Prince Yemisi Shyllon

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