Tuesday 23 November 2021

The Holy Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji: says

It is Ori, Ifa repeated

It is Ori alone

That is capable of following his devotee without turning back

If I am lucky to become rich

I would give thanks to my Ori

My Ori, it is by your grace

If I am lucky to have children on Earth

I would give thanks to my Ori

My Ori, it is by your grace

All the good fortunes that I make on Earth

I would give thanks to my Ori

My Ori, it is by your grace

I greet you my Ori

The entity that never forgets one

The one that favors one swiftly than even Orisha

There is no Orisha that can unilaterally bless a person

Without the consent of one’s Ori

I salute you Ori

That makes it possible for children to be born alive

Anyone whose sacrifice is accepted by Ori

Should rejoice exceedingly

The main message of this verse is that there is no other Orisha that is as capable of aiding one in critical situations as the Ori. The Ori is the one that is there at all times in the life of the person whether poor or rich, short or tall, happy or sad. One who chooses a good Orí and destiny will have an easy time obtaining the good things in life. They will find it easier than not to have a peaceful home, a job they truly enjoy, a good relationship with their spouse, and good children, along with the wealth and health needed to enjoy it all. Good things will come easily to them. A healthy mind will help you find your way through life, from birth through childhood, through teenage years, adulthood and into our older age. An unhealthy mind, on the other hand, chooses an imperfect Orí that will experience many hardships in life. These people will find that the good things in life are hard to achieve and that tough times are common. It will take great change to make things better for them. Potentially they can change through the implementation of ritual and sacrifice, vehicles for change and transformation, to repair their Orí’s and their realign destinies, thereby turning their lives around for the better. The principle “Ori Apeere” as I mentioned before translates to mean the pattern, the example, or the sign of consciousness. Ifa teaches that Apara-Inu is the principle of the internal disposition towards building character, balance and a stable and healthy life.

Through successive reincarnations, the Orisha that molds the Ori Apeere of a particular individual will change, adding layers of depth to the evolving consciousness of each reincarnating soul. Throughout Yorubaland, a person venerates his or hers Ori as a personal spirit that guides them towards their personal destiny. The physical symbol of the inner head is the pineal gland, which is in turn secreted in a larger container with a conical lid called Ile-Ore, literally, "house of the head,” (the brain). The Ile-Ori serves as a physical shrine to the Ori-Inu. The human Ori is the reflective source of consciousness of Odu (wisdom) which is the reflective consciousness of Olodumare. There is an old saying among the Elders that says, “If God wished to hide, God would choose man to hide in”. That is the last place man would look for God.

The trouble with the masses of humanity today is that they are too busy looking outward for something divine that is already right within themselves. This is why it is very important to create healthy thoughts and healthy choices in life. The spirit of God lives within us, interconnects with us and interpersonally plays a very vital role in our spiritual development every moment the Sun shines on us and we take in oxygen. Ifa teaches us that Olodumare is not just some almighty being just sitting up in heaven in the sky watching down on us. Olodumare’s spirit is of the same natural spirit that lives within us, in the air we breathe, in the natural waters that we drank and in the earth that we walk on.  It is what makes us spiritual beings, Gods and Goddesses in hue man form, and the spiritual foundation for our source of supernatural powers that we were designed to adapt to the prevailing level of light (Truth) that would enable us to see clearly into the whole spectrum of our lives and the world as it really exist.

By Baba Olutunde Olufemi

Source: Ifa Spirituality Group.

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