Wednesday 24 November 2021


When Emperor Constantine(325AD) wanted to Unite Rome, he simply Fused paganism with christianity to appease both pagan/christian communities.

"The Vatican Itself was Constructed upon the ruins of an Ancient pagan sanctuary, Christianity has its roots in Paganism".

"This recent reMasonry (Christianity) is neither New nor strange, as it is merely a pale reflection of Earlier pagan beliefs" - Celsus (360AD).

The "Resurrection" of Jesus was a common pagan Myth of the Early Ages. Over 18 pagan "sons of gods"were said to have "Resurrected"before him.

The "Five Books of Moses" also known as the "Pentateuch" was actually stolen from the Egyptian "Tarot" adored in Ancient Egypt (3000BC).

Pope Urban II ordered the deaths of over 10million people during his reign and is Listed on TIME Magazine's "Most Evil Men in History"(1976).

Emperor Constantine (325AD) changed the christian "Holy day" to Sunday to tally with that of the Roman pagan sun god Sol Invictus.

Biblical Jesus Descended from a Generation of 12, had 12 Disciples and Dined with them at a "Last Supper"..So did Krishna(4000BC).

During the Inquisition, an Entire carthan Village of Women and children numbering 120,000 were completely Murdered by Catholic Knights.

In order to Encourage Slave Trade, Pope Nicholas V Lied that God told him in a Dream it was alright for christians to"Buy and Sell heathens".

The Word "Amen" uttered after every christian prayer has its roots in Egyptian Masonry(3000BC) as "Amon-ra" which means "The Hidden one". 


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