Tuesday 23 November 2021


ONLY the watchers of earth-men can exactly tell what is happening to the 45 persons who were killed on 01 November 2021 when Femi Osibona's 21–storey building under construction at 44 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, came down like a pack of cards. But it is almost certain many of them may be behaving as "WANDERERS IN SPIRIT LAND". As I wonder about them, earth-men have not ceased to wonder about what may be happening to people they knew who have gone on. My grandmother died in 1980 but I still see her in my dreams, implying that she is still much around. Wasn't it my mother who left the flesh on 5 August 1959 who told me in a dream on 24th August 1998 "your father has left the earth?". Did my father not bow out two days later? Almost 20 years after, did my father not tell my sister "H.A. has gone?". Pa H.A.Olubanjo was his bosom childhood friend through whose help my father married my mother, his cousin. So, when my sister told me our father informed her "H.A. has gone", I advised her to keep the news to herself for sometime. She did not know H.A. was Pa Olubanjo.

There is none of us who has not experienced correspondence with departed ones in one way or another. Even among the Caucasian (Euro-American) race, who have overcultivated the intellect to the point that they tend to no longer believe anything outside the realms of the five physical senses, concerns about life beyond the earth are not completely eradicated. These concerns have been kept alive among them by persons such as FRANCHEZZO, author of "A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LAND". He wrote the book in 1896 for the reasons that will soon be stated. At that time, science and the intellect, that is the cerebrum or frontal brain, had not tried to completely usurp the throne of the spirit as they do today, to suppress SPIRITUAL REALITY and establish INTELLECTUAL REALITY or MATERIAL REALITY as the REAL REALITY.

We must be thankful to persons such as photographer SEMYON KIRLIAN who have made it impossible for man to obliterate his SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY. He is reported to have "accidentally" discovered a photographic technique which has helped to shed more light on GHOST PAINS and reopen the debate as to whether the physical bodies of men are not mere coarser or denser versions of prototypes and immutable archetypes which survive physical or material demise. When science and the intellect says SEMYON KIRLIAN "accidentally" discovered the now widely celebrated photographic technique, they are trying to deny that there is a higher guidance from the forces which watch over men on earth and guide them.

In GHOST PAINS, a man or woman whose leg is amputated from the knee who, therefore, in physical or material reality has no lower leg or foot, sometimes develops pains where his physical lower leg or foot had once existed. Doctors used to write off such complaints as hallucinations and drug their patients to sleep. But what does the patient do when the high priest of medicine had spoken but he continues to feel and believe his lower leg or foot are still where they used to be and he is experiencing serious pains in them.

Semyon Kirlian photography showed a whole leaf and, later, other objects in two dimensions. The first dimension was physical reality. The second dimension was real, also, but of a different consistency from the first. When the whole leaf was cut into two and rephotographed, the first dimension appeared as a half leaf physical reality. The second dimension appeared as a whole leaf, as if nothing had happened to it. This sparked a controversy of archetypes and prototypes and of whether physical earth bodies are not mere reflections of prototypes and archetypes.

Of SEMYON KIRLIAN, Google says:

"Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939, accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. The technique has been variously known as electrography, electrophotography, corona discharge photography(CDP), bioelectrography, gas discharge visualization(GDV), electrophotonic imaging(EPI), and, in Russian literature, "Kirlianography".

"Kirlian photography has been the subject of scientific research, parapsychology research, and art. Paranormal claims have been made about Kirlian photography, but these claims are rejected by the scientific community. To a large extent, it has been used in alternative medicine research".

Long before Kirlian photography, the MEDIUMS of old had tried to establish communication between earth persons and the departed ones. It was, and still is, a function of RADIATIONS or of SENSITIVE persons who have reported seeing images of persons who had just departed, hearing knocks or footsteps at night around the dwelling of being irradiated or worked up by certain fragrances of inexplicably origins.

In the days of FRANCHEZZO, people paid mediums to help them communicate with departed persons. The book A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LAND is one of such efforts. Here is the author, FRANCHEZZO, telling us about this book:

"I came across this experience written in 1896 London by a medium, Franesse, who was in contact with the soul of a man known as Franchezzo when he was alive who related through this medium his experience after his death on earth. For those who probably do not know, a medium is someone with psychic powers or heightened senses able to see or hear souls/spirits. Through these people or mediums, loved ones or people who have died are able to communicate to their loved ones still living or pass on certain messages to certain people through them.

"Franchezzo lived a very materialistic life, in his own words, while on earth, living only for the highest earthly sensualities and had very strong addiction to material possessions. He paid little attention, if any, to anything regarding spiritual matters or life after death. He tells his story, through the medium, of the effect of materialism on his soul, how he got stuck after death and the efforts he made in the afterlife to rise through being stuck. Franchezzo tells his story through the medium as a lesson to earthlings still living on earth about the dangers of getting addicted to materialism or earthly distractions.

"His story is quite interesting that it tells a different reality of the so-called 'hell-fire' as popularly brandished in organized religion (Islam, Christianity). 'Hell fire', so to speak, does not exist. An unconditionally loving God would never condemn any of his own to 'burn forever' just because they made the wrong choices while on earth. The theory of hell fire is a wrong teaching introduced by the early church fathers that has been cycled around for generations, however experiences like this or from people who have been near death (near death experiencers), tell a different story altogether. The afterlife is not all bliss and there exists another place full of darkness and lack of love, often called the void and this is, oftentimes, where souls who accumulated heavy negative karma through their actions while on earth go to for temporary restitution, reflection on their just concluded life, etc. There is hope for these souls to progress as our unconditionally loving God never condemns any of his own to eternal damnation.

"For those who think that there is no life after death, the soul does not exist or after death is nothingness, you may need to have a rethink after reading this".


True humanity has had the gift of RAYMOND A. MOODY, a firm believer in the paranormal, philosopher, psychiatrist and author of LIFE AFTER LIFE who has reopened this subject more powerfully in our time. He interviewed several people who had near-death experiences, who were thought by their doctors to have died, whose bodies were sent to the mortuary, but who "woke up" and told stories of their existence in other worlds from which, in some cases, they did not wish to return to the earth. The near-death subjects Dr Moody interviewed came from different backgrounds which included age, gender, social, economic, linguistics, religious, nationality, profession etc. Their stories about how they left the earth, of how they passed through a "dark tunnel", how they arrived in a brightly lit environment lit up not by a sun, of how the lighting was not scorching, of how there was neither dawn nor dusk nor night, of how they did not realize they had "died", of how they saw their pets and relations who had long "died" or of some persons standing by to help but who would not unless he was asked for help. This (LIFE AFTER LIFE) was the book Obafemi Awolowo at his last birthday on earth asked to be given by anyone who had a copy, and which for me, an honour to give him, free of cost, one of the two copies in my library.

According to a review of Life After Life by Goggle:

"Raymond Moody is the “father” of the modern NDE (Near Death Experience) movement, and his pioneering work Life After Life transformed the world, revolutionizing the way we think about death and what lies beyond. Originally published in 1975, it is the groundbreaking study of one hundred people who experienced “clinical death” and were revived, and who tell, in their own words, what lies beyond death. Life After Life introduced us to concepts including the bright light, the tunnel, the presence of loved ones waiting on the other side that have become cultural memes and have shaped countless readers notions about the end life and the meaning of death".


We would not be the humans that we are, standing at various heights of the perception of reality, if Dr Moody's work was not roundly criticized by the doubting Thomases. The criticisms re-enacted the battle of old between MECHANISTS and the VITALISTS understanding of existence. The mechanists believe nothing exists unless they can see it, touch it, smell it and taste it. They call themselves REALISTS and their civilization was termed the age of realism. They thought the human being was no more than his/her bones, blood and brain and that he/she was no more than a collection of organs working mechanically, like the parts of a mechanical device such as a motor-car. The vitalists recognize the existence of bone, blood and brain and...something else which makes them to function the way they do, the human soul, a vital aspect in the equation of human existence on earth.

According to the critique of Life After Life extracted from Dr Moody's biography in Wikipedia:

"The philosopher Robert Todd Carroll has written that a characteristic of Moody's work is the omission of cases that do not fit his hypothesis, confirming the aspect of cherry picking. Carroll writes that what Moody describes as a typical NDE may be due to brain states triggered by cardiac arrest and anesthesia. Moody believes NDEs are evidence for an afterlife but Carroll states they can be explained by neurochemistry and are the result of a "dying, demented or drugged brain".


Dr Richard Steinpach took Raymond Moody's study one step further with his book WHY WE LIVE AFTER DEATH.

Amazon.com says:

"Why We Live After Death is one of those rare books that encapsulates deep and far-ranging ideas with an articulate and engaging style. Austrian-born Richard Steinpach was an attorney by profession, a seeker-after-truth by inclination and temperament. From 1979 until shortly before his death in 1992, Dr. Steinpach delivered hundreds of lectures throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"Why We Live After Death is a small book with a big message...the author has added value to understand the experience of death, a subject long denied and little understood. Steinpach's explanations are consistent with the prevailing ecumenical thought on spirituality and the essence of the soul. He challenges the reader to expand preconceived ideas about religion and spirituality, and to allow understanding to establish firmer foundations in our lives and in our world.

"Why We Live After Death accomplishes what no other book on life after death does. Steinpach takes the basic Laws of Nature and applies them to the ethereal realm. By doing so, he demystifies the world beyond, and opens the door to a fuller understanding of the totality of our existence. Why We Live After Death makes it possible for readers to answer the eternal question, What is the meaning of life?"


The foregoing were thoughts which made me wonder what could have been going on under the rubbles of Femi Osibona's 21–storey building in Ikoyi, Lagos. Many people do not know they, or rather their bodies, have "died" when they vacate these bodies. In the battlefield, some soldiers who have been "killed" still go on fighting, dodging bullets and hiding from their enemies believing they are seen. They are surprised their enemies do not see them. They try to kill an enemy nearby, severally shooting him and are shocked the bullets have no desired effects. Weeks or months later, they may breakdown. They may not realise they now exist in their astral bodies, which, sooner or later, they may also discard in their ascent homeward.

Tired of it all, they may send out a genuine prayer for help to understand what is happening to them. A helper may approach them and inform them that they have died. They may fall on their faces and cry in disbelief. To help their unbelief, helpers may bring them to their homes to see their families. Their widow and children may be at table for breakfast. The woman's head may swell, her blood radiations having been irradiated by the visitor's. Some of the children may develop goose pimples. Some may see images. He may speak to them. But no-one may hear him. He may try to embrace his wife, and his hands and arms may pass through her. He may get the message and begin to cry again. He may now be led away to that part of the Universe, usually for many people just around the fringes of the earth plane, where his SPIRITUAL GRAVITY permits him to rise not beyond. In this place, as in other places, there are rehabilitation centers where care givers help in-coming souls to settle down in their new environment or plane of existence. Often, the convinction that they have died on earth comes when they are taking on visits in their new environment to the homes of friends and relations who had left the earth a long time before them. Their existence in this new world becomes a new reality which the human brain left behind on earth cannot visualize or recognize. These teaches us that only the instruments of the same consistency with an environment can investigate or navigate it. The brain which produces signs is consistent with the material world. It is the inner cloaks which many of us live undeveloped that are consistent with the worlds of new realities beyond the earth and can investigate them. It takes the new comers to the worlds beyond the earth time to learn about THE LAW OF THOUGHT, for example. They may not realise they need no food, sleep or have no need to walk. They may take time to learn their helpers and caregivers "float" along.

At 44 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, will the disembodied souls accept that they deserved to end their earthly lives the way they did? Would they accept that there is NO ACCIDENT in the Universe? Will they be at Femi Osibona's throat, accusing him of bringing about their fate? Are there squabbles going on there that our mortal eyes are not beholding? Will the site be haunted by "ghosts" for sometime? There are official records of public places in the Western world even till this day that are haunted by soldiers killed inside them. The internet had a list of haunted places in Rome, London, Edinburgh, Bucharest, Madrid etc. Will Femi Osibona seek help to detach from the decaying body, forgive his wife and siblings feuding over his property within one week of his gruesome death, and go on his journey to wherever he deserves to be, or will he become earthbound, still chasing the material after the music has stopped playing and risk the chances of another incarnation?

May our prayer be granted that the departed souls wander not in the land of spirit which Franchezzo's book, A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LAND, describes to us but awaken to joyful and beautiful activities in consonance with upbuilding in the wonderful and magnificent Creation of the Almighty Creator and Ruler of All the Worlds. May it be granted, also, that all of us still on the earth learn from the experience of the collapsed building that there is only one step between life and death and, therefore, make hay for the development of our spirits while the earthly sun still shines upon us. Whoever learns no useful lesson in the events around him/her lives in a FOOL'S PARADISE.

By: Femi kusa

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