Saturday 2 April 2022


Amitabh Bachchan (a bollywood actor) says: At the peak of my career, I was once travelling by plane. The passenger next to me was elderly gentleman dressed in a simple shirt and pants. 

He appeared to be middle class, and well educated. 

Other passengers perhaps recognising who I was, but this gentleman appeared to be unconcerned of my presence... He was reading his paper, looking out of the window, and when tea was served, he sipped it quietly. 

Trying to strike a conversation with him, I smiled. The man courteously smiled back and said, 'Hello'. 

We got talking and I brought up the subject of cinema and movies and asked : "Do you watch films?"

The man replied, 'Oh, very few. I did see one many years ago.' 

I mentioned that I worked in the movie industry.

The man replied : "oh, that’s nice. What do you do?"

I replied : "I am an actor"

The man nodded, 'Oh, that's wonderful!'

And that was it...  

When we landed, I held out my hand and said, " It was good to travel with you. By the way, my name is Amitabh Bachchan!' 

The man shook my hand and smiled, "Thank you... nice to have met you...I am J. R. D. Tata!"

(Mr TATA is a billionaire industrialist that owns TATA Group of Companies).

I learned on that day that no matter how big you think you are, there is always someone bigger than you. Be humble, it costs nothing.

B E H A V I O R is always Greater Than Knowledge,

Because In Life There Are Many Situations Where Knowledge Fails, But Behavior Can Handle almost E V E R Y T H I N G!

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