Saturday 27 August 2022


Ika Ofun, ika funfun

Divine for sixteen elders.

They were going to Ile -Ife to ask for long life.

Would they live as Olodunmare (The most High) decreed, was their question to Ifa?

The diviner told the sixteen elders that they would live long in good health, but they must respect and obey Ifa guiding SIXTEEN LAWS --


1 .You should not lie

2 .You should not perform initiation/ebo/divination without a complete knowledge.

3. You should not mislead people with wrong informations.

4. You should not deceive people (financially or spiritually).

5. You should not claim a wisdom that you are not entitled to.

6. You should humble yourselves and not be Egocentric.

7. You should not be treacherous.

8. You should take Taboo/s seriously.

9. You should not break Taboos.

10. You should always be trustworthy.

11.You should not take a walking cane from a blind - respect Obatala creations, the individual with disabilities.

12. You should not take a cane from an Elderly - Respect Your Elders.

13. You should not take an "Ogboni's Wife / Husband" - Respect the Moral Laws.

14. You should not sleep with your friends Wife or Husband - Do not betray your friends.

15. You should not go behind and discuss secret - not to betray trusts.

16. You should not disrespect a TRUE BABALAWO/OLORISA.

These 16 laws from the Odu Ika Ofun became the basic fundamentals among several Ifa laws that guide Babalawos /Olorisa and followers of Orunmila.

The laws also transcend to everybody in the Yoruba Traditions.

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