Wednesday 10 August 2022


One thing I learnt in Cuba is that Èṣù is actually not satan. Cuban and Brazilian Yoruba (the word is pronounced Oruba here in Cuba, with the Y silent) left Nigeria before Ajayi Crowther corrupted that word. They were not affected by the corruption. Èṣù is actually an Òrìṣà (a god or deity), what in Scripture, is called a fallen angel/demon. But he is not satan himself. 

Interestingly, Oruba is taught in schools here in Cuba, and Ifa worship (known here as Santeria, although there are other things included, not just Ifa) is very widespread and done openly. Èṣù is one of the Òrìṣà of Santería. Black, White and Latin are all deeply into Santeria here.

The issue is that when Samuel Ajayi Crowther was translating the Bible into Yoruba, he could not find a suitable word for satan, and rather than just leave it as satan, he took one of the deities in Ifa worship, Èṣù, and turned him into satan.

While it is hard to translate satan into Yoruba, because there is no such concept, the nearest being to satan is not Èṣù. Even the word Èṣù is not complete. In Cuba, the full name is Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára, sometimes shortened to Ẹlẹ́gbá, or Eleguá, as the Cubans call it. It was in Cuba that I was educated to the fact that the place in Lagos called Ojuelegba, is actually Oju-Ẹlẹ́gbá, meaning eye of Ẹlẹ́gbá, or more accurately a portal from which the deity enters and exits the spiritual realm to enter the physical realm. And we in Nigeria are blissfully unaware of this! 

Trvel is an education for me. This year alone, I have been to 20 countries. Why do I travel? Because there is knowledge out there that can cure my ignorance in certain areas. Some of you have been praying to God to send you destiny helpers. What if your DH is in another country? Travel for fun. Travel for education. Travel to meet people! Travel for inspiration!

Source: Reno Around The World

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