Thursday 4 August 2022


The Afroasiatic Herdsman will always bully a Southern professor even over his land because the Herdsman has his epistemology, the origin of his peoples knowledge intact, while the Southern and Middlebelt Eurocentric scholar has undergone epistemicide of his own origin of knowledge and fronting another peoples epistemology around as his own, who happen to be the cousin of Afroasian, so naturally the indigenous African is looked upon as inferior, a slave of his Abrahamic cousin.

Until Southern and Middlebelt peoples understand that based on genetic and cultural anthropological evidence, the origin of humanity and civilization is Southern Nigeria, we will be mentally, spiritually and politically enslaved, and scorned by every other race on Earth.

The beginning of knowledge and wisdom is that we of the South and Middlebelt are the oldest full sized humans and Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa is the worlds oldest knowledge bank.

Also, we must understand that we don't worship gods, and our Orisas and Alusis are philosophical and spiritual essences tied to planets. We do not believe in the concept of Satan/Devil since we know that everything has both good and evil, including God. Nothing can be entirely good or bad, like with the atom, you can't separate positive from negative, and every human is made up of good and evil.

There is no shrine for Eledunmare nor Chukwu, and what we were fooled by Abrahamists to regard as shrines are actually African Spiritual Science laboratories. The European copied our civilization in ancient Egypt but misunderstood and misconceptualized it as a religion. We didn't worship a God but venerated our ancestors.


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