Friday 26 August 2022


We lost our morality and spiritual coordination when the material for instruction towards our morality changed from Ifá to Bible/Koran.

Ifá was written in our own native tongue, containing lessons, wisdoms and solutions in our immediate environment; the Bible and Koran were translated and imposed on us. It became what we had to memorize first, then understand much later.

That is responsible for our loss of coordination. This is why we can be so described as the "scum of the earth".

If you look at the political and economic side, you will see that Christians are citizens who market and buy their life solutions from western countries while Muslims do buy their solutions from Arab nations - because they have been sold the worldview of those nations as valid.

For instance, for Christians, medicines will be solutions approved by western nations who own the approved academic contents.

This will make them shun native African herbal solutions thereby spending scarce currency on foreign solutions when home solutions remain untapped because they have been demonized by the Christian and Islamic religious institutions as satanic or barbaric, when we know that all our medicines come from the things that grow from the earth.

All our solutions are on our lands, we started dying when we looked abroad for our savior.

Before Christianity and Islam came, we were not people that needed to be saved from animalistic devilish behaviors, we were Ọmọlúwàbí before we met Europeans and Arabians. #FACT.

He who has an ear...

Pic: Ikin Ifá.

This is what is most sacred to the Babaláwo, it is the greatest treasure of humanity in my estimation of it. The knowledge Ikin stores/shares with the Babaláwo, does not exist anywhere that I know of. Priceless.

You may wonder, how can this piece of black thing speak or even hear, well, if you may know, this is the "thing" behind names like Faleti (Ifá has ears with which it listens), Faapohunda (Ifá didn't change what it had said), Faasoranti (Ifá does not fail in solving a problem), Falade (Ifá is the crown), Faleyimu (Ifá pursued and rescued this), Falana (Ifá made the path), Fagbenro (Ifá sustains me) and several other Ifá beautiful names too numerous to mention. It is this "black thing" that birthed all those names. If you have a name like that, it means your family lineage is a family of philosophers, teachers and doctors of original Africa.

If Christianity and Islam make you think that you are an offspring of fallen angels, then you have been robbed. And I say that the act which converted you is an act of terrorism.

By Abayomi Ogedengbe

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