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Alaiyeluwa Oba George Albert Olusile  OLUSILE 1 The Ogu'ja Olu-Isa ( Olisa) of Ijebu-Ode (FEBRUARY 1929 - AUGUST 20TH 1942).

He was born in 1872 due to regberegbe arrangements the exact date of his birth is not in record but was he was born in Ijebu-Ode.He was blue blood born of the two Royal Dynasties in Ijebu-Ode the Awujale -(Ajana which is now deteriorated due to Adidaga system of that time) and the Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa)of Owojobi ruling house .

His choice of candidacy was formed by the unanimous decision of the his family, as well as of the Kingmakers upon their consultation of "IFA ORACLE". 

Alaiyeluwa (Oba)George Albert Olusile ascended the throne of his Ancestors in 1929 during the times of the  British Administrator  Major W. Brirrel Gray, and Mr. Walter Morgan who at the time was Acting secretary for Native Affairs.

Walter Morgan dethroned with regrets the Awujale of Ijebu-Land Theophilus Adenugba Folagbade. This affected the office of Alaiyeluwa (Oba) Disu Olubajo the 25th Oguja Olu-Isa (Olisa)of Ijebu-Ode.

Alaiyeluwa Oba George’s working experience warrant his family to appoint him with the support of "IFA ORACLE".

He joined Nigeria Police as Constable in 1904 .He became a sanitary Inspector in 1914 and worked as such for some 15years .He worked in Lagos,Ebute -Metta, Badagry and Ijebu-Ode, Ijebu-Ode was his last station.

Alaiyeluwa (Oba)George Albert Olusile left service with clean record to became 26th Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa)of Ijebu-Ode in 1929.

During his life time, he was married to 4 women and blessed with 13 children. His surviving child is Prince Wilberforce Kehinde Olusile now late who is now the head of the ruling house of Owojobi lineage of Ijebu-Ode.

One of his achievements when he was in office as Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa) of Ijebu-Ode was that he inspected and signed the documents of resuscitation of the Awujale Gbelegbuwa ruling house of Ijebu-Ode as he was the chairman of chieftaincy committee of Ijebu District Council that is now Ijebu Traditional Council.

Oba George Albert Olusile was among important prominent chiefs that gave evidence during commission of inquiry into the claim of the Akarigbo in Ijebu-Remo for independence in late 1937.  

He also was the one championed the abolition of oppressive taxation against market women in Ijebu-Ode when he was only a year in office.

It was in his rule  that the palace messengers ( ODIS) were  allowed to built house in Ijebu-Ode because most of them lived in the remote areas (Agure).

Its also noteworthy to state that his accession to the Royal stool of the Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa) of Ijebu-Ode made him the 26th Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa) of Ijebu-Ode according to the available records.

He was also the third occupier of the throne from the Owojobi lineage coming after the Alaiyeluwa (Oba)Olu-Adebo who reigned as the 19th Ogu'ja Olu-Isa (Olisa) of Ijebu-Ode.

Alaiyeluwa (Oba) George Albert Olusile with Ex. Awujale of Ijebu-Land Theophlus Adenugba Folagbade are in case eleven accused , which are all charge under section 324 of the criminal code with conspiracy to murder Awujale Jade Daniel Adesanya from Gbelegbuwa ruling house.

The trial which opened at Ijebu-Ode on Friday 1st, of February 1935 , 11 men accused of conspiracy and the case of conspiracy was discharged and acquitted by the West Africa court of Appeal (Ghana) WACA.

May his departed dutiful soul continue to rest on eternally -Aasee wa.

Researches Links Was Conducted By: Otunba  Ladipo Olusanya Adeokun "Otunba Olaboyede of Ijebu-Ode"

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