Wednesday 17 August 2022


• The richest estate in Africa is found in Yorubaland.

• Yorubaland has the largest music industry in Africa.

• Yoruba movie industry is one of the largest movie industry in Africa.

• Lagos, Yorubaland, has the 7th largest Gdp in Africa and among the world's top 30.

• Yoruba Spirituality is the most popular Africa Spirituality practised  outside of Africa.

• Yorubaland, topped the 2021 ranking for best tech start -up cities in Africa.

Big tech like Paystack, Flutterwaves, Jumia, Konga, Andela are all created by Yoruba people.

First Black African person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature is a Yoruba man.

The first TV station in Africa was founded in Yorubaland. Oct 31 1959, that later became NTA (Thanks to Nigeria).

Yoruba land can boasts of different genre of music. Apala, Juju, Fuji, Waka, Afrobeat are genre developed in Yoruba land.

Afrobeat was developed in the late 1960s led by Fela Kuti, with drummer Tony Allen, both Yoruba.

Yoruba culture and Spirituality is the only African cultural  that survived Atlantic slavery..

Yoruba has the largest twin rate in the world..

If Yoruba were in Europe, it would  be the

3rd   most populous  country in Europe.

Yoruba has more population than 45 countries in Europe. 

Aso-Oke also called Ofi is a type of hand-made fabric usually done by weaving and this art of weaving and styling of this particular fabric material originated from the Yorubas.

Source: Thinkers

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