Wednesday 10 August 2022

Theory Of Evolution 1:1 (Bird View Perspectives)

What is Evolution, they asked?

Skylark Àràbà answered;

Can you take away Ìwó from a Nightingale?

Can you take away Aró from Agbé?

Can you take away Osùn from Àlùkò?

Can you take away Ṣẹṣẹ-Ẹfun from Lekeleke?

Abomination!! You cannot propitiate Ifá with a one-eyed goat!!

Abomination!! You can never propitiate Òrìṣà with burnt kola nuts!

Abomination!! A dog must never eat kolanut!

Oh, he delivered Paul & Silas,

Even Daniel in the Lion’s Den,

The white egret bird has finally met the yellow canary-

Resurrection of the malaynigh Phoenix;

Night vision like the nocturnal owl;

Mohammad flies in the Nest,

Abdullah flies in Congo,

Witchy fly for Congo,

Ẹiyẹlọrdṣ fly for Nest-

Hummingbirds in Colombia,

Kiwis in Timberland,

Aviary in Olúyọ̀lé,

Jeffery at Igídádúró,

Àkàlàmàgbò & Longevity,

There’s a Skylark bird from Àràbà;

Now World Canary Babylonigh;

From a bloody Homo-Sapien,

Then a RAT,

Then a skylark was hatched in Àràbà,

Pronounced an Ibaka in Babylonigh!

Oh, you glorious Canary birds;

Y’all are the Mouthpieces of Jáàku-Jáàku,

What is Evolution they asked again;

Iṣú paradà o di Iyán,

Àgbàdo paradà o d' ẹ̀kọ,

Ẹ̀kọ paradà o d'ere,

Ere paradà o d'ọ̀dàn,

Ò̩dán paradà o di ẹiyẹ kékeré kan sí inú igbó-

I know of a Flamingo 🦩 in Acacia,

He became a Nightingale in Babylonigh;

From a bloody Homo-Sapiens;

To a full fledge bird,

Charles Darwin cannot teach me the theory of evolution;

Darwin himself is a Homo-Sapiens

Ọmọ ilé ìwé n fa Teačher ni ẹ̀wù ya! 

Albeit I know that every Air-force was once a civilian.

By the way,

We have a Specie in Babylonigh;

HS Name Fìjàbí!

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