Friday 12 August 2022

Chris Brown's Ancestry unveiled by Nigerians🇳🇬🌍

Chris Brown has featured so much on Nigerian songs, & speaking the Nigerian Pidgin. Nigerians have decided to give him a Yoruba name "Olugbenga".

It was determined that Chris Olugbenga Brown shares the same hometown with his Nigerian Colleague Davido, he hails from Ede, Osun State, Yorùbáland, main reasons why they always collaborate in the Music Industry. 

Finally, Chris Olugbenga Brown has been bestowed the Chieftaincy title he deserves from the land of his Ancestors. Omo Yoruba!.

We getting everyone back to the roots now.

Guys Relax, this is just an Ethnicity Joke by Nigerians.

Source: I love Africa 

#justforlaughs #joke #faceless #chrisbrown

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