Thursday 4 August 2022

NIGERIA, AFRICA AND THE WESTERN AGENDA: A Cursory Look At The So-Called Fulani Islamization Agenda

You see it is funny and weird most times when people take to the media and regurgitate whatever poison they have cooked up in their minds to feed the gullible public. People no longer ponder based on reason instead they are poised to lament based on sentiment.

I don't know any political party in Nigeria which is nurtured or addicted to any religion even if it calls itself Christian or Muslim Party.

What I'm about to say will pique the conscience of many whether they are Christians or Muslims but I'm very certain that most people don't know these things since knowing them has nothing to do with education or qualification or even some sort of degrees. It only has to do with the grace of God coupled with intelligence and wisdom.


When the Europeans first set foot on Africa over 200 years ago, their intention was not to preach the gospel of Christ. They came in search of resources both human and material. With their coming, they demarcated and partitioned Africa in line with their colonial needs leaving us (Africans) with a destabilized administrative structure, a maladministration which we have inherited till this day.

Before they (Europeans) left Africa after sacrilegiously deforming our land and culture, they had clearly marked out some locations of interest for their second coming. Such places had some vital resources held beneath the ground which they would need for future development of their countries. When you walk round Africa, these spots are very visible on sight. However, not all resources and their locations were discovered by the Europeans.

When Mensah Musa the wealthy King of Mali traveled to Mecca in his historical voyage, he carried along with him 1,000 camel loads of gold and 1,000 golden sceptres (this is no ferry tale, it is a verifiable truth that can be searched) which he used to build modernized structures in Mecca at his arrival. These structures stood in the vicinity of the Kaaba until mid 80s when they were bulldozed by the Saudi monarchs. This voyage by Mensah Musa has overwhelmed Europe considering the large amount of gold he ferried. Since then, the colonialists have been all out in search of the original locations of these goldmines.

The civil war termed _Islamic Jihad_ which broke out in Mali led by the Azwaq Denomination was a proxy war initiated by the West to disenfranchise Malians of their goldmines so that the West can have cheap and free access to these golds. There was nothing like an Islamic Jihad going on in Mali, the Azwaqs were mere mercenaries and proxies of France stationed to reel out a preplanned agenda in order to destabilize Mali so that the West can freely come-in in the name of intervention and then gain free access to Mali's goldmines. In this agenda, Niger, Senegal and Nigeria are not left out because these regions hold a very large significant amount of both gold and uranium deposits.

In the Central African Republic (CAR), a country which has a large reserve of diamonds, what France did was to hire foreign Islamic mercenaries, import them into CAR, and ordered them to attack the Christian communities in order to create animosity between the Christian and Muslim communities that have lived in peace for ages. After these smuggled mercenaries launched their attacks against the Christians, the Christians were persuaded to take up arms in self-defense and retaliate against their peaceful Muslim neighbors who are completely unaware of what is happening. While the Muslim communities in Central African Republic are paying direly with their lives for what they know nothing about, the imported mercenaries are busy having a field day in the woods enjoying their little share of the dividends gotten from the sales of extracted blood diamonds offered to them by their French clients. Have you ever heard about the blood diamonds of Liberia and Sierra Leone? Where do these diamonds end up? Of course, mostly in France and the West. France doesn't have a goldmine in its country, yet, it has the largest gold reserve in the world. Doesn't that prick your conscience a little bit?


The erstwhile Governor of the defunct North Western Region Alhaji Usman Farouk granted an interview where he said, after the Nigerian Civil War, before the creation of 12 states by General Gowon, America and Briton came to him with a proposal to sign and handover the North Western Region to them as liaison officers of the Region but he said Russia should be included in the deal. His reason was that during the civil war, U.S. and Briton did not aid Nigeria with weapons despite Nigeria"s plea for foreign aid. Only Russia sold war planes to Nigeria at the time, therefore, any deal for liaison must include Russia, a deal which America and Briton rejected. He said, when later he told the Russian ambassador to Nigeria about the US/British proposal, the ambassador told him that do you know why they are interested in the Region, and he answered in the negative, the ambassador said it's because of gold and uranium which they intend to extract probably a hundred years from now. When the anchor of the program asked Alhaji Farouk if he had told the then administration about it, he (Farouk) replied by saying when you are not in government nobody listens to you and he's not aware if the administrators that came after him later signed the deal. Hmmm! What a country?

Boko Haram has nothing to do with Islam, it is just a covert operation used by the American CIA to create fear in the minds of the citizens so as to easily push forward their long time plan to destabilize Nigeria and cart away with its resources. Are you aware that as at present, after the Boko Haram rage in Borno, the West is busy digging oil wells in many parts of the State siphoning crude oil? It might sound funny and weird but it's TRUE.

And for those who think that Boko Haram is a Fulani Islamization Agenda, do you know that Boko Haram has killed more Muslims than it has killed Christians? The reason why the searchlight is flashy each time a Christian is killed by Boko Haram is to demonize Islam and pique the Christian Community against Islam so that a religious war will breakout. The Madalla church bombing of 25th December 2011 was one such travesty. Unfortunately for them, the leaders of the Christian Communities handled the situation with spiritual dexterity.

If you go to Zamfara where bandits and kidnappers are having a field day, you will discover that an entire village with almost all its Muslim residents have been completely annihilated and wiped out of existence. People are killed in tens and sometimes in hundreds in a day, but it never makes the news, why because they are Muslims. If they were Christians, it will be on BBC so as to create and generate the feeling of animosity. Over 70 villages and their residents have been wiped out between Sokoto and Kebbi States. If you think this is a lie go and ask the locals for confirmation. Why the killings? Answer is simple - GOLD. A large chunk of gold is lying between Sokoto and Niger State, probably Nasarawa and Kogi States too.

Now, they (CIA) have created these proxy mercenaries who go about in a rampage of banditry and kidnappings in order to distract the citizens from what is happening in their Communities so that they can extract gold free of charge. You, me, the citizens, the Fulani/Hausa mercenaries and the Nation at large has become victims of carefully hatched Western conspiracy.

If someone, anyone for that matter still believes that APC has an Islamic Agenda or there is a Fulani Islamization Agenda going on in Nigeria, I would say that such persons have been truly trapped by the Western conspiracy and only God can deliver him or her. (Please, read the book, How Europe underdeveloped Africa). To be candid without sentiments or bias, there is no such thing in Nigeria as Fulani Islamization Agenda and APC or PDP Islamic Agenda. APC, PDP, NNPC, APGA and LP has nothing to do with religion either Islam or Christianity, and none of them can salvage Nigeria from her present predicaments and misfortunes because of the simple fact that they are all vulnerable tools in the hands of the West. When they assume power, is either they play along or get squashed and eliminated in the process. The choice is theirs.


Before the West commenced its second neocolonialism by the application of proxies in Africa, it has used Iraq as a litmus test.

The reason Saddam Hussein was taken down despite being their ally for decades was to breed Al-Qa'eeda the renowned terrorist organization led by Saudi born Osama bin Laden an American trained spy, an organization which later metamorphosed into the dreaded ISIS led by Khalifa Abubakar Al-Baghdadi an Israeli MOSSAD Arab agent.

During the days of the dreaded ISIS in Iraq and Syria, bombings have become daily breakfast, lunch and dinner packages in these countries. I'm not going to tell you the story about what transpired, I just want to give us a dose of the Iraqi pill which ended the Western terror. Maybe, you must have heard of General Qassem Sulaymani of the Iranian Revolutionary Corps who was assassinated by the government of president Donald Trump. Now, here's what happened:

General Sulaymani knowing fully well about the Western conspiracy in the Arab world, visited Ayatullah Sayyid Sistani of Iraq, the highest Islamic Scholar in country and told him that do you know why bombings continue unabated by so-called jihadists in Iraq? They are not Islamic jihadists, they are simply hired mercenaries by America fighting a proxy war to destabilize your country. And if only you can send America and all her forces parking out of your country, this bombings will end in no time. Ayatullah Sistani bought the idea and formed a military intervention wing led by the youths of Iraq to fight the insurgents (the jihadists). When these insurgents where overpowered by the resilient youths of Iraq, this outraged the US who now saw that they are gradually losing control of Iraq. When they got to know that General Sulaymani was behind the strategy that drove out their mercenaries, the CIA plotted a covert operation and killed General Sulaymani on his way to the airport to board a flight back home to Iran. Iran thereafter, in a retaliatory attack, destroyed the largest US stationed military base in Iraq killing scores of American soldiers and their Generals. This incident sent America parking out of Iraq. Since then (over a year and half), have you ever heard of daily bombings rocking the cities and towns of Iraq again? Now that America and her proxies are out of town, Iraqi has once again become peaceful with no fear of bombings by so-called Islamic jihadists.


Whosoever thinks that these senseless killings will stop just by voting one Obi, Atiku, Kwankwaso or Tinibu, or that voting one of them will end the hunger in the land, is seriously wasting his or her time. Nothing will change with the coming into power of any of these individuals, except we should brace up for the worst. Don't say I didn't tell (warn) you. Unless, if the West, after milking the country dry, have nothing else left to steal, will voluntarily leave and all their proxies (Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers etc) will magically disappear into tin air without a trace.

If nothing, the recent Kuje Jailbreak has clearly indicated that these guys carrying out these dreadful operations and senseless killings are being financed by foreign donors with the assistance of home based beneficiaries. What simply happened was a cumulative transaction, a sort of trade by barter, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Give us our commandants held in your prison and we will release your Abuja - Kaduna train hostages. Alright, but we can't just swap these terrorists in exchange for our citizens in broad daylight. You can go and stage a rescue mission to take back your commandants but don't leave a trace that we gave you the nod. Days after the Kuje Jailbreak, alas! All hostages of the Abuja to Kaduna train attack were released - no ransom, no negotiations. What a country!

Few days later, over 400 hundred inmates on the run from the Kuje Jailbreak were apprehended but not a single Boko Haram inmate was caught. What a country!


As I stated in the heading of this article that this is just a cursory look into these incidents, a tip of the iceberg and not a detailed narration of the events. However, my worst fear is that these guys (Europeans) are gradually and systematically achieving their aims of creating a wide scale conflict in Nigeria that would be almost impossible to contain when it finally erupts. Their systematic neocolonialism is working out according to plan - piquing the North against the South, the Christians against the Muslims, some tribes against the others all in the name of politics and religion when we all know that no Christian can Christianize Nigeria just as no Muslim can Islamize Nigeria. We just use these words without truly knowing and understanding their meanings.

As a Muslim, let me give an Islamic example:

You see, Islam is a religion of conviction and submission. You cannot force it down people's throats. It is impossible. The true act of Islam is in the heart. Mere deeds are just indicators of the faith. It is said in a tradition of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) that a Muslim will come to God on judgement day and God will order him to go to hell. The person will tell God I worshipped you all my life, doing righteousness and steering clear of evil, why would you punish me? And God will ask him: where you a Muslim by conviction and submission or a Muslim by default? You were only Muslim by default, because your parents, neighbors, town, State and country were Muslims or simply because someone forced it on you and you accepted. All the deeds you did were not based on conviction, so for this reason I don't accept your devotions and acts of worship.

The Qur'an has clearly announced that there is no "COMPULSION" in religion. So, I don't see how someone will start up an operation Islamize Nigeria by forcing Islamic codes on people who don't willingly subscribe and submit to it.

Albeit, these politicians are not religious representatives. They are only concerned about how to wield and cling onto power at the detriment of the people. If APC, PDP, NNPC, APGA and LP represents your religion, they don't represent mine which is the Islam taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). Honestly, we don't need any of them in order to survive. What we need is a system that truly represents our diverse traditions and cultural backgrounds. Not some pseudo American-like Constitution which has been forced on us without due and proper consultations with the citizens. America is not a nation per se, it is just a market place where some Marchants met and conducted their commercial business, and when they grew into large numbers, they decided put down their terms and conditions for trading. Unfortunately, those who drafted our constitution went and copied the American business book verbatim and gave us the Nigerian Constitution which has wrecked more havoc on us than good. A parliamentary system where traditional chiefs will be given the role of a consultative forum would be better for Nigeria than the present photocopy of the American Wall Street Commercial Enterprise we call a government.

I deliberately skipped the Niger and Libyan invasion which brought about the downfall of Gaddafi and has since become the coast for shipment of all sorts of sophisticated weapons into the Sahel and Savannah regions. If you take a look at all the weapons used by these militias, you will agree with me that they are not weapons that can be found in the common markets. The Libyan coast is the channel through which these weapons find its way into our shores. To gain free access to this coast line for shipment, Gaddafi has to be eliminated and a situation of non-existent central government instituted in order to weaken the security frontier. With Gaddafi out of place, and a disproportionate government which was besieged with conflicts from all angles, the coast was clear for free and easy shipment of weapons of terror to various countries in the Sahel and Savannah regions. I have been following these details for more than 10 years now, but most people simply don't care or give a damn about what is actually happening.

One place they didn't quite succeed was Uganda and Rwanda. It's like these guys knew about the Western conspiracy before hand and sealed their territories against direct Western influence with respect to their economies. You will agree with me that despite the fact that Yuweri Museveni and Paul Kagame of Uganda and Rwanda are doing far better in building infrastructures and delivering good governance to their respective citizens compared to almost all of the West African countries, they have been labeled as dictators by the West. Tell me, who wouldn't prefer the dictatorships of Uganda and Rwanda over the democracy of Nigeria?


This little piece which I have decided to share with you should be an eye opener and serve as a wake up call to our citizens, especially the youths who are in deep slumber over the realities of Western hatched conspiracies against our continent - Africa - and its people.

The West doesn't have any good plans for us rather than to kill us and takeaway our land and its resources. But they won't do it directly by themselves because the world is watching. Instead, they will implore the use of proxies like Boko Haram, ISWAP, Janjaweed, IPOB etcetera to do their bidding. Then, when we are done killing ourselves, their victory will just be a walkover. Therefore, whether you like it or not, whether you believe in this article or not, we are all victims and the VILLAIN IS THE WEST.

By Jibreel Gimba

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