Tuesday 16 August 2022

Materials used in feeding egbe orun are

Basket, calabash, basket bag, white bowl or plate

White Clothes 





Dry Gin

Specifically Requested Foods


Chewing Gum

Plantain chips 




Besides these items there are also many others things that can be offered to egbe orun. By consulting Ifá or by speaking directly to Egbe through Obi Abata Oracle we can find out what they want from us and what we should do.

Feeding of Egbe in Ifá Yoruba practices is unique and interesting. In fact you will love the proceedings. It does not require you to wear any special form of clothes, not to talk of carrying the ebo to any location such as T-junction, river bank, banana plantation, dumping ground etc.

Based on the materials used then you will understand it is good to give the orisas what you can eat and stop giving the orisas what you can’t eat. The orisas are spirit, they won't appear live to eat the materials but they get fed through what we eat.

As you all know Ifá Yoruba practices does support blood shed or animal killings. This is the one of reasons why performing offerings, sacrifices or rituals in ifa Yoruba practices is more effective and acceptable by the Orisa than any other method or practice.

The materials used are:

Dried cat fish



Alligator pepper

Corn powder (lebute) or powdered milk

Fried yam or bread



Plantain chips or biscuit

Sugarcane or sugar

Dry gin

Let’s share some of the steps:

The Orisa Egbe will be placed in front of the person that wants to feed egbe. The Orisa represents egbe orun while we that are present represent egbe Aiye.

The person feeding Egbe must sit on Apere, while the Iya Olorisa must also sit on Apere. Both will sit on Apere.

There must be a trusted person or a loved one which we commonly refer to as guarantor simply because the person must know the person’s feeding Egbe Orun prayer points or requests. The person is mandated to prayer for the person’s feeling egbe orun with a pure heart and clean mind. Another reason could be seen as joint in communication with the spirit at that moment like a president and vice -president because both must eat same things without any difference. The babalawo must also be present because he will be the one to throw the kolanut and other interested person can be present also.

The iya olorisa will put all the materials on egbe before we start to eat. All the materials will be eaten in the presence of Orisa Egbe Orun, while the person feeding Egbe Orun and the guarantor eat first before any other person.


  1. I read your Blog. It is very informative. Thank you for sharing this

  2. this is the sameway we practise in Ifa yoruba kabbalah temple


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