Monday 8 April 2024


They were the first generation of educated Ijebu those who could read and write. They were the prominent Ijebu in the Colony of Lagos. They include Otunba Payne of Orange House now (Central Bank). They championed and protected the interest of Ijebu at home and abroad.

In the photograph are:  Pastor J.B Sadare (sitting second left) who gave his private building for commencement of Ijebu-Ode Grammar School in 1913. Sitting third left to the last is Apebi Josiah Macaulay Adekoya Ogunade. Sitting in the centre is the (Resident) followed by Otubushi,  Oderindes.

 Standing 2nd from right is Onabanjo (Master tailor). 3rd from left is Oshiboye Ipaye, 4th from left Moses Odutayo (1st Ijebu man buy a car in 1923), Sekoni Okubadejo 2nd right standing.

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