Wednesday 24 April 2024


A glorious occassion! An iconic photo showing the coronation of Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mphezeni KaPontino in June 1982. On this day, the name 'Njengambaso' died and out came Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mphezeni KaPontino. It is therefore very wrong for people to refer to Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mphezeni IV by his birth name without attaching a title to it regardless of the relationship or friendship to the King. Since this day of coronation he MUST be called as King Njengambaso KaPontino, or Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mphezeni IV or Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Njengambaso KaPontino. In fact any royal must not be called by his or her names without a title.

On this historical day, Inyandezulu Mphezeni KaPontino recieved his powers and united with other Jele Kings and their Ncwangeni counterparts. The site of this epic occasion was at the Kachele tree at the palace. The Kachele tree has now grown and reminds Sizwe Sika Ntutho that it was a site  of one of their sacred events.

As per Jele/Ncwangeni tradition which is ancient as it began way back in St Lucia Bay, the coronation is done by another Ncwangeni King. It was Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mmbelwa III of Mzimba that coronated the Mphezeni King in the presence of several Amakhosi from both nations of Zambia and Malawi. Then Zambian President Dr Kaunda witnessed the grand occasion. 

Its worthy noting that Queen Rosinyanga Madhlopa Jele is sitted on the left of the new King. Her too was of royalty as she was the daughter of Inkosi Mnukwa III.

The current Jele King is the fouth Mphezeni monarchy. The first one and founder of the Kingdom was a first born son of King Zwangendaba. Then after his death in September 1900, his grandson King Gabriel took over. King Gabriel died in 1941 and his son Inkosana Pontino KaGabriel took over until his death in 1981, a year after he gloriously rebirthed the ancient Ncwala which had been banned in 1898.

By Gumbi Kaziguda Jele


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