Sunday 28 April 2024

Kofo Abayomi: A Nigerian Who Changed His Name Just To Marry A Widow In 1930

In Colonial Lagos , Lady Oyinkan Ajasa (Lady Oyinkan Abayomi) was born daughter of Sir Kitoye Ajasa, a Yoruba aristocrat who was the first Nigerian to be knighted by the British, and Lucretia Olayinka Moore, a princess of Egba royal family, in Lagos, was born on March 6, 1897.

She schooled at the Anglican Girls' Seminary in Lagos and graduated in 1909. From there to Young Ladies Academy at Ryford Hall, Gloucestershire. In 1917, she attended the Royal Academy of Music in London. She moved back to Lagos in 1920 and became a music teacher at the Anglican Girls' Seminary.

It was during this time when she met a lawyer named Mr Moronfolu Abayomi ( the love of her life ) whom she married in 1923. 

He was aasasinated 2 months later in court, she was devastated and didn't want to marry anyone ever again.

Dr Kofo John wanted to marry her and her response was, "you have to change your name to my late husband's name - Abayomi" 

Guess what happened?

He agreed, married her and changed his name to Dr Kofo Abayomi . 

The very famous Dr Kofo Abayomi.

In this picture, Lady Oyinkan Abayomi arrives a social function in Lagos with her husband Dr Kofo Abayomi.

Things men do for love !

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