Sunday 21 April 2024


One of the friendliest, most cultured and most hardworking people you'll ever meet.

(1). The instigators of Pan-Africanism

(2). The Fante Confederacy was the first modern African state/nation 

(3). The Fantes have produced the greatest personalities in modern African history 

(4). The Fante resisted an oppressive empire experiment from the forest region, resisted the Dutch, resisted the Portuguese and founded the first political movement to fight against British colonialism.

(5). Fante elites saved West Africa from the British lands bill that would make Africans lose their lands to the whites. This saved West Africa also from apartheid.

(6). Fantes were the master seafarers and surfers and it's documented in many books

(7). Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana's independence in one local language; THE FANTE LANGUAGE.

First Black UN Secretary General

First Black Oxford Graduate

First Black Professional Footballer

First Black Slave Abolitionist in the UK

The list is endless. The greatness of FANTE is undisputed. God bless Fante and God bless Africa!!!

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