Sunday 14 April 2024

I just learned O.J. Simpson died

This saddens me but not just because I am one of the few who did NOT believe he did it.

But for the bigger PURPOSE this crime served to beat ALL Black people down.

The fact that OVER THIRTY YEARS LATER... an entire GENERATION... people are STILL talking about this crime like it was the only one in history, because it was COMPLETELY a tool of the racist propaganda machine.

Example: ALL these years later, what did they decide to play over and over during the covid lockdowns?...

The O.J. Simpson trial:

Of alllll things.... they were INTENT on reminding the WORLD what a threat the Black man is while people were all locked in their homes, already afraid.

They have made movies about it... make sure every Black comedian jokes about it... and up until Obama came along. Twenty years later, there was not ONE DAY, some white person didn't make some Comme t about O.J. Simpson TO ME! For 20 YEARS, I was his surrogate "ish taker", in his absence, wherever I went. I am sure I was not alone.


EVEN THOUGH THE MAN WAS AQUITTED...  STILL.. .we HAVE to keep him in the public consciousness, as the POSTER CHILD for white fears... and as the battering ram against Black progress... freakin THIRTY years later.

SO strategic:

What happened to O.J's wife and that guy was clearly a professional hit. THEY were drug addicts and the way she was killed was known as a "Columbian necktie". That was some cartel ish over some serious money owed and it took two people to carry it out.

Also, the "evidence" was sooooo excessive that it was obviously CREATED and the key witness, the Officer who planted it all, was allowed to plead the fifth THROUGH THE WHOLE TRIAL!

HOW DOES EVERYONE KEEP OVERLOOKING THIS???!  HE was the Criminal. HE should have gone to jail!

And lastly, WHILE this circus trial was going on, the family of Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. was ALSO in court, SUING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR BEING BEHIND THE ASSASSINATION OF DR. KING!


They PROVED that James Earl Ray was NOT who killed King, but it was a very high level conspiracy that included the FBI, The CIA, and ALL THE WAY UP TO THE PRESIDENT,  LYNDON B. JOHNSON!

They didn't seek money.  Just validation.

And, It did not hit the press.

It was kept quiet, just like this mass starvation that is being staged against the 60+% Black population of Baltimore, by this bridge sabotage, while we are all being distracted ONCE AGAIN, this time by Diddy.

O.J. was the distraction from the King trial...  Diddy is the distraction from the  Baltimore holocaust... and we've had other distractions from The Rodney King Riots... Katrina... Flint, Michigan, the real estate grab through the instigation of gang warfare in Chicago...and every other time bomb they've planted for our destruction.

I honestly did not know O.J had died before I read a post just now. The press is so bought and paid for these days, I just can't.

I'm really sorry he was tormented all his days after that event.  It really hurt me that JOHNNY COCHRAN (ironically) died shortly after this trial, while he was fighting for the Sudanese people who were being wiped out by the millions, because of their Christian faith... it hurts me DEEPLY that our star's truly amazing, Black lives and accomplishments are always so dismantled, vilified and cartooned in OUR minds.

But, Absolutely NONE of our heros are allowed to be preserved in OUR minds in the end.  When they try to stand as MEN and WIN, they are lynched in the public Square.


Michael Jackson


Sam Cook... I could go on and on.

They make SURE we become ASHAMED of the very Black heros in which we took so much pride.

Like they tried to do Dave Chappelle!

His contract stipulated that he would get 50% of what he earned for Comic Central.  When he earned half a BILLION dollars, they voided the contract!  Instead of giving him the $250 million he was entitled, they tossed him $50 and he said kiss my @$#.  THEY told him, "If you walk, we'll have the whole world thinking you're a crazy crack head before you get home", and that's exactly what they did.

That's exactly what they DO!

And, that erodes our collective confidence, and makes us even more easily defeatable.

THAT is the overarching tragedy.

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