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Lillian Hardin "Lil" Armstrong was an influential American jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader. She was born on February 3, 1898, in Memphis, Tennessee. Lil Armstrong was a pioneering figure in the early development of jazz music, particularly in the Chicago jazz scene of the 1920s.

She gained recognition as the pianist and composer for her then-husband, Louis Armstrong's band, the Hot Five and the Hot Seven. Lil Armstrong's compositions, such as "Struttin' with Some Barbecue" and "Doin' the Suzie-Q," became jazz classics and showcased her distinctive piano style and innovative arrangements.

Beyond her contributions as a pianist, Lil Armstrong was a talented vocalist and a dynamic performer. She broke barriers as a female bandleader in a predominantly male-dominated industry and was known for her strong musical leadership and infectious energy on stage.

Lil Armstrong continued to be active in the jazz scene throughout her career, both as a solo artist and as a bandleader. She recorded several albums and performed with various bands, leaving a lasting impact on the jazz genre.

Lil Armstrong's contributions to jazz music, as a pianist, composer, and bandleader, helped shape the early foundations of the genre. Her legacy as a trailblazer for female musicians and her musical innovations continue to inspire and influence generations of jazz artists.

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