Sunday 21 April 2024


The oldest library in the world actually predates the library of Alexandria and Ashurburnipal.

The temple library of the temple of Amun, Karnak, is the oldest known library in world history due to its establishment during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom (circa 2055 BCE to 1077 BCE) and extensive collection of scrolls found through archaeological evidence and reported in peer-reviewed journals.

The oldest library in world history was the temple library of the temple of Amun, in Karnak Egypt. It was an extensive temple library with numerous papyrus texts on religious rituals, festivals, and divine interactions. The construction of the temple complex began during the Middle Kingdom (circa 2055-1650 BCE) but was expanded and embellished during the New Kingdom (circa 1550-1077 BCE). The papyrus texts found in the temple library would have been created and collected throughout this period. #africa

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