Friday 19 April 2024


Mariam Makeba is alternatively known as Mama Africa. Born in1932 to Swazi and Xhosa parents in South Africa.

She was forced to marriage at 17 years. The marriage turned to be abusive prompting a divorce. Having great vocals, she started singing anti-apartheid songs earning her a global recognition.

In 1959, she featured in the film "Come Back Africa" and later on relocated to US where she  devoted her time to music and recorded her first complete album.

In 1977, she released her song "Soweto Blues" which hit global waves.

She's a renowned mistress of Afro Pop music.

In 1990 after abolition of apartheid government, she returned to South Africa where she featured in the film SARAFINA.

Listen to her interviews and you'll know the treasure she was, she is and she'll forever be.

Her interviews always displayed her intelligence. That's the reason why she's known as Mama Africa. She died in 2008 during a concert in Italy due to a heart attack.


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