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In addition to the article about Jodensavanne in our Newsletter from May-July 2013, year 4 no. 4., in which we inform, that in Jamaica there is a place called "Suriname Quarters", we attach an old map of Jamaica where the area shows approximately the area, as well as the passenger lists of the ships the English left Suriname.

As a result of the Peace of Breda (1667) between England and the States of Zealand, the procession of English subjects was arranged with their slaves and possessions. Nevertheless, the English stayed in Suriname. At the Treaty of Westminster in 1673 again arranged for the departure of the English and only in August 1675 did the English set off voluntarily with three ships, namely the "Hercules", the "America" and the "Henry and Sarah" to Jamaica and called the place of settlement there "Suriname Quarters". Bringing their slaves with them and in some cases even Indians (for example on the "Henry and Sarah"). This is an interesting piece of history as descendants of Surinamese natives and slaves are located in Jamaica. We received this information from Jamaican architect Pat Green, one of our relations.

The place still exists today in Jamaica.

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