Saturday 20 April 2024

Profits from the Atlantic slave trade was poured into

(1). Universities (such as donations to All Souls College in Oxford and donations to Glasgow University)

(2). Museums such as the British Museum (from donations by Sir Hans Sloane ) and the National Gallery (from donations by John Julius Angerstein)

(3). The Tobacco industry

(4). The railway industry

(5). Banks and the banking industry. Prior to the 17th century, London had no banks. Profits from the slave trade were reinvested as credit instruments for start up and established slave traders.

(6). The Central Banks

(7). Investing in national navies

(8). Country Mansions (in Bristol, Liverpool, London, and the South East such as Harewood House, etc.)

(9). The Iron Industry

(10). The Guns Industry

(11). The Sugar Industry; 

(12). The Textile Industry;

(13). Investment in Scientific Research;

(14). Investment in music (funding the grow of Baroque, Classical and Romantic music); and

(15). Investment in the arts.  #africa

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