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HRH Edidem Ededem Archibong V

HRH Edidem Ededem archibong V was the Obong of calabar from 1948-1961 and was one of the long serving rulers in Efik history.

The Edidem was the 55th Edidem of the Efiks from 10th century and the 18th Obong of calabar from the  17th century. His full Efiks names were ededem archibong Ekpo Effiom  okoho efio Ekpo and was fondly known as Ededem-ette).  He was born circa 1892.

Edidem archibong V was the 5th son out of eight children and his dad was the popular king archibong III,who was the king of old calabar from 1872 to 1879.

King archibong III was the very first Efik monarch to have a westminster style of coronation at the duke town church in 1878.It could be recalled that king archibong III had another famous son who was prince asibong Edem archibong III who unfortunately died mysteriously as Obong elect on the eve of his formal coronation on 21 September, 1901.

Edidem archibong V was home educated (as the custom was with Efik royals)and was involved in trade n commerce around the old calabar River. He was also a first class Ekpe title holder of Obong nkanda Ekpe Efik iboku, Iyamba lodge.

Before ascending to the obongship stool, edidem archibong V was the Etubom of archibong house in 1913 and was also a native court warrant chief  from 1908. Other posts he held were membership of the calabar divisional central council, president of the Efik-qua-efut native administration council, chairman,esop Iboku,a pan-Efik socio-political organization.

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