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List of Some Yoruba Names and their Meaning in English. (Names starting from A)

(1). Akinsanmi; valor profits me.

(2). Akintayo; valor is the worth of joy.

(3). Akintola; valor is the worth of wealth.

(4). Akintoye; valor is the worth of title.

(5). Akintunde; the warrior has come again.

(6). Akinwunmi; warriors appeal to me.

(7). Akinyele; valor befits a home.

(8). Akinyemi; valor befits me.

(9). Akeju; one who is over pampered.

(10). Anjolaoluwa; we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of God.

(11). Alaba; the second child born after a set of twins.

(12). Alade; the crowned one.

(13). Alayo; one who is full of joy/merriment.

(14). Alarape; the one with family is complete.

(15). Ara; means family. It also means “to be part of”.

(16). Aralola; family (relations) is wealth.

(17). Aramide; my family has come.

(18). Araoye; a part of the title.

(19). Aremu; is the name given to the first male child.

(20). Ariyo; one who is joy to behold

(21). Asikooluwaloju; the Timing of God is best.

(22). Atinuke; a person who has been. pampered from conception.

(23). Ayan; refers to drums/drumming.

(24). Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well.

(25). Ayandele; the drummer has come home

(26). Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth.

(27). Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace.

(28). Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me

(29). Ayo; means joy.

(30). Ayoade; the joy of the crown

(31). Ayobade; joy meets with the crown

(32). Ayobami; joy meets with me

(33). Ayodabo; joy on its way.

(34). Ayodeji; joy has doubled.

(35). Ayodele; joy has come home.

(36). Ayodiran; joy becomes hereditary.

(37). Ayoku; joy remains.

(38). Ayokunle; joy fills the house.

(39). Ayokunnumitetete; joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates me.

(40). Ayomide /Ayomitide; my joy has come.

(41). Ayoola; the joy of wealth.

(42). Ayorinde; joy walks in.

(43). Ayotomi; joy is enough for me.

(44). Ayotola; joy is the worth of wealth.

(45). Ayotunde; joy has come again.

Please add any missing name.

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