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Marpessa Dawn was an American actress and singer, born on January 3, 1934, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She gained international recognition for her role as "Eurydice" in the film "Black Orpheus," released in 1959.

Dawn's performance in "Black Orpheus" brought her critical acclaim and established her as a talented actress. The film, set in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, tells the tragic love story of Orfeu and Eurydice and features a vibrant mix of Brazilian music and culture. Dawn's portrayal of Eurydice showcased her beauty, grace, and natural acting ability.

After the success of "Black Orpheus," Dawn continued to act in films and theater productions, both in the United States and Europe. Although she didn't achieve the same level of fame as some of her contemporaries, she left a lasting impression with her performances and contributed to the cultural landscape of the time.

Marpessa Dawn's talent and contribution to "Black Orpheus" have made her a memorable figure in film history. Her portrayal of Eurydice and her involvement in the groundbreaking film solidified her place in the annals of cinema, and she remains an important part of the film's enduring legacy.

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