Tuesday 9 April 2024


In Benin's history, there were no Ogiso that has ruled over the kingdom except in Igodomigodo. Instead, the Yoruba people born of Igodomigodo mothers were liberated by Oranmiyan, and that made Igodomigodo to be divided into two kingdoms - Ibini being ruled by Oba, and Utantan being ruled by Ogiamen. The first king in Benin was Oba, not Ogiso. This shows that Benin people were originally Yorubas. If they deny this, they might lose their true identity. Bob Marley, in his song says that, two thousand years of history could not be wiped away so easily. Benins cannot run away from their shadow. The character Ekhalederan or Izoduwa is just a fictional character created under the influence of akpeteshi, to add credence to their fallacy to make it look real. Izoduwa never existed. Put that into your pipe and smoke it! Ask your fathers, why are the heads of your Obas were being cut and buried in Ile-Ife, while their bodies were buried in Benin. Learn your history. Don't play.

The picture below was Oba Eweka II

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