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Although the Nubians were renowned for their skill and precision as archers - the ancient Egyptians referred to Nubia as "Ta-Seti" or "The Land of the Bow", but they were considered fierce and formidable warriors in all other aspects of warfare too. In addition to archery, they were skilled in other martial arts like boxing, wrestling, and stick fighting. Nubian armies used a variety of weapons including swords, bows, and arrows.

The Nubians fought numerous battles against the ancient Egyptians, at times even conquering and ruling over parts of Egypt. In the 8th century BC, Nubian archers fought back against Muslim invaders also.

One famous Nubian military leader was Queen Amanirenas, who led a surprise attack against the Romans in the 1st century BC. Her forces captured several Roman cities and defaced statues of Emperor Augustus, prompting a Roman invasion of Nubia. After years of fighting, Amanirenas negotiated a favorable peace treaty with the Romans.

Overall, the Nubians were renowned throughout history for their martial prowess, especially their mastery of archery, which made them formidable adversaries and valuable allies in ancient conflicts.

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