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Garanganze People of Dr. Congo

Garanganze People also known as Bayeke can be found in Dr. Congo, they are part of the Bantu speaking people and they are related to the Kimbundu people of Angola.

According to their Oral history, Msiri and his people were nyamwezi traders who originally came from around Present day Tabora, Tabora was believed to be founded by so called Arab traders in the 1850s and became a centre for Arab Slave Trade in 1871, the town was believed to be burned when the forces of Wanyamwezi ruler called Mirambo was kicked out the German East Africa protectorate was proclaimed over the region in 1885 but it is said in the late 1890s the German colonial administration did not gain control until later that year, Msiri and his people migrated to Katanga to search for copper, Ivory for trade then they took over and merged wasanga, conquered their neighboring ethnic groups and In 1891 It is said Msiri was assasinated by Belgians of the Stairs Expedition under the authority of Leopold ll to rob the people and their possessions such as mineral resources.

Msiri founded and ruled the Yeke Kingdom in the South east Katanga in Present day Dr. Congo from around 1856- 1891 his real name was claimed to be Mwenda Msiri Ngelengwa Shitambi, he belong to the Nyamwezi ethnic group and he hail from Tabora in Present day Tanzania , his father was Involved in gold , copper, controlled by the Sultan of Zanzibar the main trade route from Uijiji on the lake Tanganyika throughout lake Mweru and Katanga. He had power and Influence to form his own military, alliances, equal with the warlords and According to Garanganze Editor his account about the Garanganze ethnic group he said around the middle of the 19th Century the one the whole world would come to know as Msiri or M’siri the earth as in the ground all the earth of his birth name which is Ngelengwa Mukala, accompanied his father called Kalasa and Kalasa went to Katanga where he would acquire possessions of which was copper there he had weaved bonds of friendship with autochthonous leaders among whom were many of the Garanganze fled and settled in tge Luapula Valley and western shores of lake Mweru, Garanganze Chieftainship survived despite the neglect and opposition from the Belgian authorities the Great Mwami Mwenda Godefroid Munonga VI was Involved in Katanga withdrawal crisis and appointed minister for the break away state. Yeke Kingdom was originally founded by King Msiri and it became a powerful Kingdom in the south central part of Africa, the Kingdom controlled territories and trade route across east and west but the Kalahari desert and Lozi Kingdom In the south and the Congo rain forest, It is believed Msiri appointed hinself as a successor to a wasanga Chief west of the Luapala river by defeating the lunda Chief’s enemies It is said, Yeke controlled the east trade and rich in gold, copper later Leopold ll and his expeditions try to obtained a treaty for it to join the Colonial free state known as Congo free state for the Yeke Kingdom. M’siri was enthroned in Luambo under the names which is Mwenda, Bantu , at the same time as his uncle called Mihambo Fwarume, first who bore the title of Mutaka Fwarume, the second which is Mwami Nku guru for occasion, were also Inducted two Bagabe the Mugabe Kasari wihala and Mubili Ku Bantu or Mugabe wa Nkululi, the first three wives were elevated to the following titles the Busega Namwanda who became the Niihanga also called Mugoli Kaapa, Namizi also called Ihozyo or Mugoli Kanfwa in the local language and finally the 3rd Queen whose maiden name was no longer known, became Shogbeme or Kama. Sumbwa Kufwa during the rising of Yeke Kingdom he quoted” I would rather die than to be enslaved”. It is believed Subwa Kufwa was described as fearless in battle, noble he was loyal and trustworthy his people enstooled him as a beloved monarch after the death of Msiri in 1891, In their Culture the family have to Introduce you to the culture, traditional songs bring joy, freedom, sadness including anger as well . The Origin of Bayeke It is said hunters from the Burombo stabbed a big elephant on the boundaries of Tanganika but the elephant did not die and they followed the animal in vain for days it was a mystery a mark of that blood in its path the grass was astonishing that the wage was able to walk to a village Ngandu Basa and entered the Katanga the word ” Bayeke” meaning the gathering of people who stab on an elephant using only spears .

In Garanganze concept, God have many names which they give attribute to God before the arrival of the Europeans, God is known as Aliho meaning the one who exist, Kazyoba meaning the great Sun, Seba meaning the Great, Lilyo meaning the one who is present, Limlezi meaning the Instructor and Litasumbirwe meaning my God is uncreated and In their tradition the naming can be on the basis of both parents the father and mother clan It is customary to give a child the name of the ancestors It is believed spiritually that when the child is sick he or she can invoked his or her ancestors for healing or even reincarnation which is facing grave problems, names can be based on circumstances and surrounding some names are based on warriors, circumstances and surrounding such as Malabol for boys meaning at Sun rise and same for girls which is Nakalabo and in their culture it is the father or mother who give their children names it is based on discussing and agreement if they are happy or love the name they can choose a name and one ancestral name for their children and for warrior name such as Waliha meaning the majesty and also used for conqueror.

Rulers of the Yeke Kingdom:

1.Mwami Msiri Ngelengwa Shitambi 1850- 1891.

2. Mwami Kalsa Mukanda Bantu 1891-1910.

3. Mwami Kitanika Mabumba Mushaila 1910- 1940.

4. Mwami Munongo Musamfya Ntanga 1940- 1956.

3. Mwami Antoine Munongo Luhinda Shalo 1956- 1976.

4. Mwami Godefroid Munongo Shyombeka we Shalo 1976- 1992.

5. Mwami Christian Munongo Msiri Mwemera 1992- 1997.

6. Mwami Mwenda Bantu Godefroid Munongo Mwenda VIII regined from 1997 and still ruling.

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