Wednesday 4 May 2022

Mundari Tribe of South Sudan 🇸🇸

When you want to marry a lady, she packs into your house and begins to stay with you. You dare not go to the father to tell him you want to marry his daughter, they will beat you up because it is an insult to the father because he is not the one you're marrying.

After the daughter has packed to your house, her family elders will come to your house to give you the bride price to pay.

They don't pay bride price in cash they pay with cow.

They charge for as many as 70 cows for a bride price.

In Mundari, female children are more preferable because having daughters give you opportunity to having many cattle and this is one amazing thing about this culture.

They don't value your wealth by cash they value it by the number of cows you have. The people bath with cow urine. They hardly sell or kill their cows they eat only sick cows or dying ones.

The people are unique in their own way! 

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