Friday 27 May 2022

Ega People of Ivory Coast, West Africa

Ega People also known as Egwa or Dies can be found in Ivory Coast and they are part of the Niger- Congo speaking branch. The Ega Language it is said to be spoken in 21 Villages near Gly in Dies Canton, Goh-Djiboua district in Ivory Coast some of Ega Villages in Ivory Coast are Broudougou, Gly, Daro, Didzo and Douzaroko, they are considered to be part of the Kru ethnic group. It is believed Ega People of Ivory Coast have migrated from Present day Sudan and settled in Ivory Coast but some settled in some parts of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Research proves that in Ivory Coast there are more than 60 ethnic groups. 

Ega People grow crops such as yams, cassava, plantains, corn, cocoa beans which became the main export crop cultivated, their other crops includes millet, maize, peas, peanuts and they have traditional beer and bread. Ega celebrate masks and Yam Festival, the yam festival of the Ega People is a season of thanksgiving for good harvests, they are into agriculture, their major Industries Include Coffee, cocoa beans, bananas, palm kernels, corn, rice, manioc (tapioca), sweet potatoes, sugar and cotton. In Ega rural areas, women and men divide the labor, with men clearing the land and harvesting cash crops such as cocoa and coffee, while women grow vegetables and Other staples and perform most household tasks and they inherit from their Paternal lineage and Traditional poetry, folktales and story tellers whom are known as Griots.

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