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ODU OSA MEJI © Olalekan Oduntan

Ifa advises whoever this corpus is revealed for that he/she should offer sacrifice and heed warnings, so that he/she would not go astray.

Also, ifa warns him/her on any assistance that he/she may render to someone so that he/she may not blame him/her self at last and he/she should not allow anybody to wear his/her clothes, unless the cloth is no more useful to him/her.

Ifa said there is a spiritual illness affecting this person in the stomach, blaming same on witches.

Hear what Odu Ifa Osa Meji says:

Idunkundun oyo

Ifokufo ogbigbi

Ijekuje adan nii fi ntenu nsu

It cast divination for the major 16 (Odus) Ifa corpuses when they were coming from the heaven to the earth;

They were advised to offer sacrifice, (two kola nuts, their worn clothes, he-goat, corncake, beancake and ifa leaves);

They all complied, except the Osa Meji, who insisted that he wont use his cloth to offer sacrifice;

So, on their way coming to the earth, Ejiogbe that was leading them saw the mother of all witches naked and shivering by the road side;

The mother of witches pleaded with Ejiogbe to carry her down to the earth, but Ejiogbe made her understand that he couldn’t carry her because he had used his clothes to offer sacrifice in the heaven and there is no more clothes for him to use to carry.

So, Ejiogbe went away, along with all the other 14 ( (Odus) Corpuses except Osa Meji, who was clothed;

When the mother of birds (witches) saw Osa Meji, she begged him seriously to carry her to the earth and Osa Meji agreed;

Osa Meji opened his mouth and she (mother of birds) got into it;

Upon getting to the earth, Osa Meji asked the mother of witches to come out from his stomach, as they are at the requested destination;

But the mother of birds refused to come out, saying Osa Meji’s stomach is very warm and he should let her stay there forever;

Osa Meji was very shocked, given his supposed act of kindness, and he told the mother of birds that she will starve, as there is no food for her to eat in his stomach;

The mother of witches responded that, what of Osa Meji’s intestines? “That is what I will be eating.!”

And, truly she began to eat up Osa Meji’s intestines; This was how continuous agony arising from stomach pains with the Odu from then on;

Osa Meji consulted Ifa on what he could offer that will make this mother of birds come out of his stomach;

He was advised to offer all the intestines of an he goat and palm oil as sacrifice, which he should place it at three junctions and he complied;

After placing the sacrifice as directed by Ifa, he started vomiting all from his stomach on the sacrifice;

That was how Osa Meji conquered the mother of wiches;

Osa Meji, feeling relieved, began dancing and rejoicing, praising the Ifa priest, while the priest was in turn praising his Ifa. So, ifa be praised.


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