Thursday 20 May 2021

10 Most Educated Tribes In Nigeria

With more than 370 tribes in Nigeria, it is hard to judge which community has the biggest number of educated people. The government does not count and report such statistics. Still, it is so interesting to know what is the most educated tribe in Nigeria, isn’t it?

Educated tribes in Nigeria

We have created a list that doesn’t have a specific order. These are just 10 tribes that come from all over Nigeria. Once again, this is just our ideas and we hope that our readers can offer their own views regarding the most educated state in Nigeria and the most educated people.

1.Yoruba: This tribe is one of the biggest tribe in Nigeria,not only that, Yoruba people are known for their knowledge seeking ability. Many of its representatives get high job positions, become professors, and reach other educational heights.

Yoruba people often become top managers and lead the companies.

2.Igbo: This community is one of the biggest in Nigeria. There are many farmers and traders among Igbo people. It is believed that this tribe is very educated. By the way, many representatives of this tribe love to gain new knowledge, self-develop and implement creative business ideas into life.

Yes, Igbos have many businesspersons among them. There are even sayings that there is nothing good in places where you don’t meet Igbo businessmen.

3.Hausa: Yes, you are surprised right? You don’t have to be,forget that they are very good at agricultural activities. Most Hausa now pursue western education than any than any other thing.

We always have them at the very top posts in Nigeria.

4.Urhobo: The tribe mostly lives in the Niger Delta area. Just like many other modern communities, Urhobo people follow the trend and gain their education. Many families have their own professors.

5.Edo: These people like to migrate. They often go overseas searching for better life. Being highly civilized, they also get a good level of education.

6.Ijaw: This Nigerian tribe has many educated people. This is why we have added it to our list of the citizens who are schooled and continue to get knowledge, self-improve, and develop throughout their lives.

7.Itsekiri: The community lives in the same areas as Urhobo people. Representatives from Itsekiri tribe also do their best to get an education. If the family leader is not educated, he makes sure his kids would gain the knowledge in different spheres of life.

8.Isoko: This tribe doesn’t have as many people as other majority communities from Nigeria. Still, it is known that the representatives of Isoko community do get an education and deserve their place on our list.

9.Calabar: Many of us like the interesting intonation you can hear when a Calabar person speaks. This tribe is educated. You can watch Nollywood movies to understand this.

10.Ibibio: Is this tribe schooled? Like many other communities, Ibibios also get their education and many of the members know a lot.

Many individuals of hundreds of Nigerian tribes do get an education too. This includes the Nupe people, Ndoro, Igalla, Jaku, Dakarawa, Kamo, and many other communities we haven’t listed.

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