Wednesday 26 May 2021


ODU IRETE MEJI © Olalekan Oduntan

Under this odu, Orunmila speaks of possible initiation into IFA to guarantee longevity and good health.  The odu speaks of prosperity of life and Exaltation of life, if possible offering of rituals, sacrifice and initiation to encourage fulfilment of life and happiness.

According to IFA verse under Odu irete meji:

Babalawo iteere iteere

Babalawo n gbalaja bi iko owu

A difa fun Irete

Ti o te meji latela

Irete ti o te meji

Ti o la yebe yebe bi oba oreke

Nje kini ni nte meji?


Ire ni nte meji


Ti a fi laje


Ti a fi laya rere


Ire ni nte meji


Ti a fi bimo rere

Ire ni nte meji


Translation of the above verse:

 Ifa priest, iteere iteere

Ifa priest, like that of tread weave

Thus divine ifa oracle for IRETE

Who will initiate two through success

Victory and prosperity

Irete will initiate two

Who will prosper exceedingly well

Who then is initiating two

Dedeere, the mysterious one

Ire is the one that is initiating two

Dedeere, the mysterious one

That result into the blessings of riches

Dedeere, the path finder

Ire, is the one initiating two


To have good blessed wife


Ire is the one initiating two


To have good children that will be well loved and I can leave a good legacy


Ire is the one initiating two


To have all good things



Irete meji speaks of ILE (the mother earth) as the element of worship in the cult of OGBONI and ILE is seen as the most important and dominant force in creation , she  holds all the living and the non living creatures of the OMNI POTENT GOD – OLODUMARE –

ILE according to IRETE MEJI encompasses river, lakes, seas, hills and mountain, which are the spiritual personification of the mother –goddess of fertility to whom regular worship was made and unto whose bowel man finally returns at the end of his life.

 Irete meji symbolically speaks of overcoming conspiracy to achieve victory, success, happiness and harmony.

Ifa under IRETE MEJI, says everyone should show a habit of kindness, generosity which is one of the greatest spiritual virtue. This also attracts blessing from OLODUMARE and men alike. People with this characteristics are extolled with positive words.

However, IRETE MEJI warns us to be diplomatic in our daily relationship with others. IRETE MEJI implores us to use wisdom when things do not go the way we want it . We should exercise diplomacy and patience when things go haywire so that we can be victorious.



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