Saturday 7 May 2022

Chief Sunday Igboho

He can barely utter three statements correctly in English without errors. Doubtful if he has a school certificate.

But here he is, surrounded by three great professors. One is a professor of Literature in English. Another is a professor of History. The third is a professor of Linguistics and communications. There must definitely be something of high quality and of credible value they see in Sunday Igboho that attract these great men to him. All the three are old enough to father Igboho Oosa. They are richer than him. All of them were very close to Ọbáfẹ́mi Awolowo. Igboho was definitely a teenager, at mere 16, when Awolowo died. Àwo held Professor Banji Akintoye's hand in the early 60s. Wọlé Soyinka held meetings facilitated by Uncle Bola Ige with Awolowo’s in 1967. I am quite sure, the third, Professor Wale Adeniran, would have had causes to interface with the sage too. They are all octogenarians.

You barely have a masters degree. Even up till this moment, you are not 60 years yet, but you're shouting everywhere that Sunday Igboho possesses no value and must not be listened to. Worse still, you castigate those of us who see value in Igboho Oosa as foolish. You've got to check the route your life gets to where it is in spite of the 'success' you think you've attained rather than arrogating wisdom to yourself alone all because you are not resident in Nigeria.

Life, most essentially, its value, is far more than the physicals. The innate factors are of more relevance.

This picture was taken May 1st, 2022 at the Republic of Benin. It should be recollected that, earlier, Obasanjo was the first person to meet the president of the Republic of Benin on behalf of Sunday Igboho and we are not unaware of how close bàbà Ayo Adebanjo was with Sunday Adeyemo before his house was callously attacked by the Nigerian Army and the DSS. This clearly means that Yoruba knows where they are going - a separate nation - but only remains fine-tuning the process of attaining that objective.

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