Thursday 12 May 2022


If "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the only instruction of the master, why you holding all the praise jams, night of destiny encounter, night of breakthrough, day of favor service.. Are those to create the inspiration to "Love your neighbor"? Such that it must become a Sunday Sunday routine.

If you need a Sunday Sunday routine/ritual/medicine to make you "Love your neighbor as yourself", you need to be in a special care unit of human factory resetting expertise.

I can't justify how much Christianity spends on itself in passing across the message of "Love your neighbor as yourself".

Is it in the business of "Love your neighbor as yourself" that the Vatican came about such wealth it sits on? Is it in the business of "Love your neighbor as yourself" that the Anglican communion sustains its Queen?

Why do we need a 100,000 capacity glory dome? To present entertainers, orators and performers to the unsuspecting people?

We just keep heightening the sense of the people towards the biggest luxury possible...

Is that what the master told us to pursue?

Just own up to the truth that you are in business. In the business of Love your neighbor, there is no showmanship.

All the suits and tie and musical and oratory performance should stop. Everybody should get to work obeying the master.

The instruction is simple - LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS Yourself. That is the greatest Ẹbọ. There is no enemy coming to kill you for "Love your neighbor".

If you have read that much from the Bible and you understand it, Just do it. You don't need rituals of Sunday Sunday and donations to charity and Tithes and all sorts. Those ones are tied at your soul to psyche you towards a "heaven" and they keep dazzling you as they sustain you as a client for as long as they can have you. They employ all kinds of tactics that serious minded business people employ in retaining their clients.

That is their work. I don't blame them. They are good at it.

But don't get caught up in their work that you lose the focus is your own spiritual growth and the recipe the master prescribed is to Love your neighbor, no be to dey build buildings and dey sing and dey form holy brother and sister up and down with all kinds of berets and high heels.  

Remove the lines from the face of pap.

The burdens you put on yourself, The cross he didn't send you, don't impose on yourself, except if you are in on the business side. If you're in, then I say, kí ajé bu'gbá jẹ.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe

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