Thursday 19 May 2022

The Importance of Kolanut

For those that think the Orisa can't talk or speak. We use the kolanut to communicate with the Orisas. Through our vibration in to kolanut the Orisa speaks. It is through the kolanut that we send the Orisas to Olodumare and it is through the same kolanut that the Orisas give us whatever message we have from Olodumare.

It is not true that "Obi" divination was the orignal and most valuable from of ifa divination as Afolabi Epega  suggested in his obi divination.

Obi divination is not to predict, let us forget the popular Yoruba adage here that says:

"Bi Inu Seri ni Obi Yan"


You can use your mind to affect or influence the Divination of the Obi.

It is just to dialogue. Its language is that of voting (Ibo).

Ibo or voting is used for yes and no cases not to predict any sacrifice or give any divination information.

To confirm the suggestion that vibration is the basis of obi (kola nut) divination, on page 13 of his book obi divination printed in 1994 in the United States of America, said : 

The consultant can ask the obi one thousand and one question in a day, but it is not right to ask the same question twice in one day or repeated questions. 

And further said on the same page that you have to invoke the obi and they say:

"May the divine spirit in heaven come and assist the diviner on earth".

Below is the language of Obi

Face up(f) Face down(b)        Interpretations

  2                              2                yes  ( oyan )

  3                              1                no ( koyan )

  1                              3                no  ( koyan )

  4                              0                yes ( oyan )

  0                              4                yes ( oyan ) 

When you have 3 (B)  1(F) the client is asked to touch the ground and his chest, and  the divination  says the case of my client is your concern.

Then he throws the obi again if the case is either 2 : 2 or 4 : 0 or 4 : 0 then the answer is yes.

If you then say there is an advice or suggestion the client. if you throw and answer is yes.

You have to determined the pieces of advice using the divination method.  

If other wise it is 1 : 3 (that is 3F : 1B) you ask whether the being answer then is yes (given 2 : 2 or 4 : 4) then that is the end of consultation.

The most important use of kola in divination is that of consulting the witches or divine beings.

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