Saturday 7 May 2022

What is Legbaa?

Legbaa is the guardian of the crossroads and the gatekeeper. He is usually placed in front of the gate or behind the door of a Fa priest. He is also a trickster who acts as the intermediary between the spirit and physical world. As the only divine messenger of the heavens, he is prayed to at the beginning and end of every ceremony.

Legbaa represents the part of our consciousness activated when we have to make a decision—in other words, when we are at a crossroads. Since Legbaa has the key to every door (every opportunity, every outcome), he is capable of guiding us to the best decision.

What is your experience with Legbaa/Elegbara/Ellegua? Are Legbaa, Elegbara, and Ellegua the same ?


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  1. Your blog is very informative. thanks for Sharing this blog.


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