Sunday 15 May 2022


Deborah Samuel Yakubu, student of Shehu Shagari  college of Education Sokoto was beaten, stoned and burnt to death by Muslim co-students for calling Prophet Muhammad a nonsense Prophet on WhatsApp group chart on Thursday 12th May 2022.

Does HATE speech warrant a death sentence in a democratic and secular society? Recently The MD of STERLING Bank blasphemed JESUS CHRIST during an Easter Advertorial comparing him to a loaf of bread. I wonder if he also deserves to be treated same by zealots. This calls for a national debate. We MUST all condemn this doctrine.

Islam is a religion of peace and Prophet Muhammad (SWA) never preached violence throughout of his lifetime towards his enemies. He always tolerated them by being peaceful with them through his preachings. Let us learn to coexist and be peaceful by showing love to one another.

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