Sunday 29 May 2022

Antaisaka People of Madagascar

Antaisaka People can be found in Madagascar also known as Tesaki, Tesesaka or Taisaka, Ateseka People. It is believed Antaisaka are mostly of African, some Indonesian and mostly African Ancestry, It is said their Kings descended from Zarabehava lineage, It is believed Zarabehava Dynasty crossed to the east and west between 1620 and 1650. 

It is believed Antaisaka used to be part of the Menabe Sakalava Kingdom, they migrated from Menabe Sakalava and settled in Naspandra Present day Vangaindrano in 1650s.

According to Ateseka Oral history, the founder was known as Andriaman desy which became a clan name, he was born in Present day Rapila a village in Tsiare Pioky, bear Mahabo then later became Thazorango and finally became known as Andria mandresrivo. It is believed  Andramandesy departed  with anger and attempted to seize his uncle’s rice alongside his younger brother’s succession then mother exile.

Andriamandesy departed with the warriors, In the 17th Century they were part of the 4 largest Kingdoms in Madagascar later Ratongalaza exile with his brothers to secure the throne. Antaisaka People  are related to the Imerina and Betsilo tribe and they primarily Inhabit Southeastern Madagascar, around the city of Farafangana.

The Antaisaka People primarily inhabit the Southeastern Madagascar around the Farafangana and they speak a Malayo-Polynesian language. Antaisaka tribe or ethnic group who are also direct descendants of the Western Sakalva, they cultivate or grow coffee, banana and rice. 

Their houses are made up of Ravinala palm tree and built on stilts the houses have 2 doors. One doors it is believed one function as a normal entrance . 

The 2nd door is usually located on the east side also used for taking out Corpse. The Kibory situated on slopes before the funeral, the corpse has to dry out at a hidden in the forest as it location. 

The Antongil and Antaisaka allied to the Sakalava before the south came in succession which is Betsimisaraka.The Antaisaka subgroups such as Sahafatra, Antambahaokas, Antimoros, Antaifasy and Antiboina. It is claimed Antaisaka lived southeastern part of Madagascar mainly in Vangaindrano at the edge of rivers Mananara and Itonamy, they are known for bravery and being Warriors.

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