Tuesday 3 May 2022

Ekiti in History

(1) IFA: "Orunmila Agboniregun" who spent larger part of his life in Ekitiland particularly in Ado Ekiti and it was in this great land Ifa was born. Ado ni Ile Ifa. Ado is the home of IFA AKEREFINUSUGBON.

(2) OGUN Lakaaye, the god of war and iron is also proud citizen of this "Land of Honour" He decided to reside in Ikole Ekiti (IKOLE AYE) after leaving IKOLE ORUN, based in IRE EKITI and enter into the mother earth in same very Ire Ekiti. IRE is the territory built by OGUN ONIRE. IRENIMOGUN. The month August is named after Ogun in Yoruba calendar. Ekiti is blessed.

(3) OORE as the fifty Oba of Yorubaland and best friend of ODUDUWA. The cordial relationship between Oduduwa and Oore was so cordial and always enjoy his tour to Ile-Ife (the cradle land of Yoruba). When Oduduwa was mysteriously went blind and that this could not be reversed for a long time, it was when Oore of Mobaland went there and performed a wonderful miracle with water from Moba stream that the father of Yorubas could regain his sight. Oduduwa was so happy and started calling this great king from Ekitiland OOLORE MI (My benefactor) which later shorten to "OORE". No wonder the popular MOBA song was accredited to OONI OF IFE. 

 "Awa Ara ni Moba

 Awa Arawa Ni Moba Oh

 Ejeka Meto Arawa"

 No place like Ekiti...

(3) OSUN stream that is now a nationwide and international festival which has a recognition by UNESCO has her sources from a point in between Igede and Awo Ekiti and a particular state was named after this wonderful spring and their slogan was derived from it as a state of living spring as well. What a wonderful land is Ekitiland. 

(4) OLOLU a famous festival in Ibadan which happened to have international recognition in the second most largest city in Africa today was stole from Ekitiland during the "Ragin Storm" of the ajales in Ekitiland. Ekiti is a very rich land. 

(5) IJESHA and EKITI are brothers and this made them share some common features. Like best food, dress code and even language (dialect and accent). A prominent king of Ekiti Efon known as Alaaye Ogege Epo observed Ijeshaland was not large enough to form a nation like Ekitiland and chose to carve out nine towns from Ekitiland to form part of Ijeshaland after they have failed in their several war against this land of braves. Ekiti is in deed a land of honour.

(6) IJESHAS started having different leadership problems after their much war with EFON ALAAYE and some other towns in Ekiti. Serious Obaship tussles started in the land and same ALAAYE OGEGE EPO was called upon and later enthroned as Owa Obokun of Ijeshaland for wisdom and knowledge that flow freely in Ekitiland.

(7) Doctor of Phylosophy (Ph.D), Nigeria produced the first Ph.D holder in 1867 and this brave Dr. Mojola Agbebi is a proud citizen of Ekitiland.

(8) JOURNALISM, on 31st October 1959 the first broadcaster appear on Television in Africa in person of Dr Kunle Olasope and this is another brave and proud citizen of Ekitiland from EKITI EFON. We are a pace setter in Journalism.

(9)FEMALE B.SC HOLDER, in 1946, Nigeria produced first female B.Sc holder in person of Princess Fasan Deborah who later become Lady Jibowu Deborah after getting married to Justice Muyiwa Jibowu and this brave lady is a proud princess from IDO AJINARE now IDO ILE.

(10) COMPUTER, in 1978, Nigeria produced first professor in computer in person of Professor Olawunmi Alonge and this genius is from Ekitiland. 

(11) PERMANENT SECRETARY, in 1948, Nigeria produced the first permanent Secretary in person of Mr. J.B. Daramola.

(12) MILITARY, First and second appointed Military Governor of Western Region of Nigeria in person of Col. Adekunle Fajuyi who hailed from Ado Ekiti and General Adeyinka Adebayo.

(ii) First Nigerian general staff officer Grade 2 (Intelligence) at the United Nations Headquarters in 1961 and in February 1964, Nigeria produced the first indigenous Chief of Army Staff in person of General Adeyinka Adebayo and this noble and gallant soldier is from IYIN EKITI. Brave Ekitis.

(13) PHYSICS, it is a known fact that the first professor of Physics, Professor Daniel Ojo is a giant son of Ekitiland. The popular OJO UGBOLE is from IGBOLE EKITI. We lead in Physics as a course. Up Ekiti.

(14) ARCHITECTURE, in October 1975, Nigeria produced the first professor in Architecture in person of Professor Adeyinka Adeyemi who hailed from IYIN EKITI in Ekitiland. Land full of genius. 

(15) LIBRARY, in 1967 Nigeria produced first indigenous Director of Nigeria Library in person of Pa Aje Babasanya who is also a proud citizen of Ekiti state.

(16) PHILOSOPHY, it is also a known fact, that Ekiti produced the second professor in Philosophy in Africa in person of Professor Peter Bodunrin who hailed from OSI EKITI.

(17) LAW, there is no doubt that Ekiti State produced the first president of West Africa Bar Assosiation (WABA) in person of Barister 'Femi Falana. What a great contribution to the course of Law.

(18) MATHEMATICS, its a known fact that Nigeria produced the first professor of Mathematics in 1964 in person of Professor Adegoke Olubunmo from ORIN EKITI of Ekiti State.

(19) ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC, as a matter of fact, Ekiti produced the first Professor in Electrical & Electronic in the early 1960s in person of Professor V. Williams from IJERO EKITI of Ekitiland.

(20) ECONOMICS, the foundation president of Nigeria Economics Society (NES) is from Ekiti in person of Professor Samuel Aluko who hailed from ODE EKITI in EKITI STATE.

(21) ARTICIAN, In 1924, a certain art was exhibited overseas for the first time when a door and lintel ensemble from the royal palace at Ikere Ekiti was selected for the Nigerian Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, London. This work of art was subsequently acquired by the British Museum. A prominent Ekiti man was known for this bravery in person of Chief Olowe Ise who hailed form EKITI EFON but based in Ise Ekiti.

(22) AGRONOMY, The first professor in Agronomy is from Ekiti State in person of Professor A A Agboola from Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti state.

 (23) MEDICINE, the first Nigeria to get National Merit Award in Neurology is from Ekiti in person of Professor Kayode Osuntokun of Oke-Imesi Ekiti in 1984.

(24) QUANTITY SURVEY, the first president of the Nigeria Institute of Quantity Survey is from Ekiti state in person of Chief Adetona Balogun from IKORO EKITI in 1978. 

(25) KWARA STATE, there are two local government under Kwara but originated and occupied by Ekities, these are OKE ERO local Government and EKITI local government.  God bless Ekiti.

(26) There are Special thing about Professor Idowu Odeyemi, Professor Idowu Odeyemi is a co- founder and first President of International Council for Ifa Religion was appointed Director- General of School of Geology in Jos by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  He is a very dedicated and hard working elder. He is from Ilawe Ekiti. And We are very proud of him.

By Obalurin Bode Fasuyi

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