Monday 1 April 2024

The Bantu Theory

At the middle of 20th century, the Europeans started merging tribes and giving them one common name that would act as a new adopting tribe. I will give few examples to shorten my point. There was no tribe called luhya or Abaluhya prior to 1940. They merged 21 different tribes to be called Abaluhya. They say milango 21 ya waluhya. They use Swahili to communicate among the subtribe as commonly known. The predominantly tribe is bukusu tribe.

The second one is kalenjin made almost the same time as Abaluhya. They are 7 in number. Nandi, kipsigis, tugen ...The predominantly tribe is kipsigis followed by Nandi.

The same happened to Agìkùyù. They created Gema. But this did take root as the above 2. The predominantly tribe is Agìkùyù. 

The same system was used to create bantu and other categories. The white man found that people looked the same and had a language that sounded almost the same. He imagined they must have lived in one place and when they dispersed, the language may have forgotten and lost hence the difference. None of the theory of people migrating existed amongst the Africans. No stake holders involved. I don't say there was no migration that took place at all. Amongst the luos, they say how they migrated into Kenya following the river Nile. They talk of jok-ajok, jok-winy, jok-omollo and abasuba. That was passed orally from one generation to the next. The earliest writings amongst our (Agìkùyù) forefathers is facing mount Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta the author was born in 1890s. His father had died and his mother remarried his parternal Uncle as the traditions stipulates (thambanio). It's the brother who inherits the older brother. Let's assume his father was born in 1790s and his grand father 1720s meaning his great was born in 1600s. The assumed bantu migration took place in 1500s. Kenyatta said in his book facing Mt Kenya that the migration theories are taught in the mission schools. And he first the stories in mission center. End of part one.

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