Wednesday 3 April 2024

Brief About "Killi-We" Nwachukwu, from Oboro Umueze Ogwa, Imo State of Nigeria

“Killi-We” Nwachukwu was for more than two decades celebrated as a homegrown Nigerian “superman.” Some of his legendary feats of strength included lifting buses, having cement blocks crushed on his head, and allowing cars to drive over his body.

Superman Killi-Wee Nwachukwu was the strongest man in Nigeria–Philip Emeagwali

Killiwe in action:

He was a superman who was going from place to place to perform. People paid to watch him. I saw him perform at our primary school in those days. I think his real name was Nwozuzu Nwachukwu (or something like that). I heard that “Killi We” was a nickname he got after a fight with a certain man, one commentator said.

A great natural Superman! Nwozuzu Nwachukwu (Son of God). “Killi We” was a nickname he got after a fight with a stubborn man “Tick man” who refused to pay him his money for a truck load of goods he conveyed from the market to the man’s home. 

He used to push a wooden two wheel truck with which he carried goods for people. Then, Truck vehicles were not around, or were not affordable. So, after dropping off the goods, the man would not pay what Nwachukwu charged claiming it was too high. He tried to walk away and Nwachukwu grabbed him by the hand insisting he must pay. A fight ensued and he pinned the man to the ground. The man’s wife ran in and came out with a wooden pestle to assist her husband. Nwachukwu snatched it from her, lifted the woman up and pinned her on top of her husband on the floor. Powerless, she started screaming, Killi We Nwachukwu, Killi we Nwanchukwu” meaning, Nwachukwu, kill us!

In the early 90’s, we were asked to pay some money so that he will come and display his power. We gladly paid the money. On the D day od his assuMed coming, we waited, we couldn’t see him, so, we left. The following day in school, some students that were patient enough narrated how he came, how he carried four students on each of his hand and some many power acrobat . Menn….. It was like a hell to me that I didn’t wait to see this man.

He is real. That was another commentator.

And yet another:

He existed. Back in eighties, he came to our school, we paid 50 Kobo to watch him. He carried 10 bags of cement on his stomach and toyed a 504 peugeot SR with a rope on his teeth. Story had it that when he died, his body was deposited in Aladinma mourtuary, he in the night, will carry don all other corpeses and strech himself on them. He continued this till he was rejected by the morgue. He was real.

I remember hearing stories about Giant Alakuku as a child. But I don’t recall ever seeing him.

I remember Killiwe. He was a fat dude and used to tour the country performing stunts like grabbing cars by the bumper and preventing it from moving as someone stepped on the pedal.

I also remember a Seven-Seven song about Killiwe:

“Killiwe Nwaozize Nwachukwu

Abeg make you help me carry my load”

Great Ibeabuchi alias Pistor Killer of Ngodo Isuochi the Lion of Africa who was a great Superman who contested and won the mighty Kill-We Nwachukwu in the sixties.

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