Monday 8 April 2024

Mdw Ntr Written Language of Ancient Kemet

Mdw ntr written language of ancient Kmt was nearly 4500 years when the invading populations of Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, etc... into North Africa killed it. Destroyed it. Today it's a dead language.

For context written Arabic is only about 1500 years old. Compared to ancient Kmt written language which would be 6000 years old today if not destroyed by the population there now imposing Arabic. Just think how much was lost.

Unlike Hebrew and Aramaic, Arabic doesn't have any records of ancient written scripts, just a handful of scratches fantasized/ speculated to be something, but that is it. Prior to Qur'an there is almost a complete nonexistence of any written Arabic text book. Do your homework.

So you see indigenous African culture (6000 years older and more developed) gets dismembered, parasitically picked thru, wiped out, decimated, cannibalized---so that invading populations can build their own.

Return to your own source. Resurrect your own culture before the invasions.



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